The Customer Journey Matters

Customers are more demanding than ever and barriers to switching between brands are at an all time low. Companies can address these challenges. Recognize that every customer interaction matters. Proactively capture feedback throughout the customer journey. Use those insights to continuously improve upon each customer touchpoint. This drives two key advantages: 

  • Build Customer Loyalty When you improve each part of the customer journey in response to feedback, you help turn customers into loyal supporters who don’t switch to the competition. Listening and acting on feedback is central to building a lasting relationship with customers. 
  • Gain Actionable InsightIn today’s hypercompetitive world, customers always have a choice. Gaining feedback throughout the customer journey allows companies to take action in real-time. Reduce complaints and identify new product and service opportunities that can drive additional revenue. 

To capture these benefits, marketing leaders and product managers need a systematic way to gather continuous feedback across multiple customer touchpoints and channels. Using this data gives insight into your customers’ evolving needs, desires and perspectives, driving improvements and greater loyalty.

The most loyal customers deliver a 23% premium in revenue and profit (Gallup)


Insight Matters

Traditional customer feedback models provide too little information, too late. They typically only offer data on two customer touchpoints, at purchase and complaint. Brands need to go beyond this. Evaluate the period before, between and after these milestones to provide a full picture of the customer journey.

Questback Customer Touchpoint gives you a complete view by automatically collecting process-driven customer feedback at key customer interaction points across multiple channels. We make it easy to collect customer feedback, customize the experience and analyze and act on the results.

By gathering feedback that matters, companies can:

  • Uncover what drives customer satisfaction
  • Improve how they operate
  • Proactively build customer loyalty

SOFTWARE Built for Results

With Questback, real-time dashboards tell you not only what happened but also why by identifying trends and "hot alerts" for high-impact issues.

Customer Touchpoint lets you track the NPS for each specific touchpoint and highlights areas for improvement throughout the entire customer journey.


Successful companies value satisfied customers.

Increasing loyalty boosts the top line, delivering higher revenue, lower customer churn and decreased support costs. Customer loyalty begins with continuous feedback tied to analysis and action. Are you listening to your customers?

Are You Listening?