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From DIY customer and employee surveys, to a full service feedback solutions, Questback software is transforming the way businesses manage enterprise feedback.

Portals - listening to your staff is central to improving your business performance

Today employees want a choice of feedback options, going beyond the traditional survey. Dynamic online communities, Portals deliver this choice, providing a gateway to the world of feedback, with a mobile app that makes it easy and simple for staff to share their views. Deliver surveys and collect insight faster, putting feedback at the heart of your business.

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​Employee Touchpoint – listen to your staff across the employee lifecycle

Simple to implement, Questback Employee Touchpoint collects feedback through employee surveys at key parts of the employee journey – entry, onboarding and exit - and delivers this insight to managers through visual, personalised dashboards. This makes it easy for organisations to listen to staff and act on their feedback, thus boosting employee retention, increasing productivity and improving organizational effectiveness.

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Orbit - cuts the time needed to reach your audiences

Whether it is with employees, customers or market research, to make feedback useful you need to know the context and the structure of your sample. However complex demographics and organisational hierarchies can get in the way. Orbit cuts through complexity, making it quick and simple to target the people you want, reducing resources and shrinking time to insight.

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Customer & employee surveys – light years ahead.

Questback online, mobile and social surveys give you all the tools you need to improve your businesses' processes and relationships and unlock your competitive advantage. an advanced web application that can be operated from anywhere with any commercially available browser. Features include intuitive design, social media integration, mobile optimized layouts, advanced reporting, role management and push notifications for meaningful follow-up - everything you need to get more advantage from your feedback.

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MySight Dashboards – your data, your way

MySight goes beyond traditional static dashboards, putting fast, flexible insight at the user’s fingertips. MySight isn’t your traditional dashboard as it enables users to: explore results from multiple touchpoints in real time; compare data from different enterprise feedback sources, including customer satisfaction surveys, customer sentiment, employee evaluation feedback, market research and more; see past silos and gain new insights across departments and verticals. Users can choose exactly what data they want to have appear, or choose from a series of template dashboards. 

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Feedback Communities – market research for pros

The Questback community panel represents a vital solution for marketing, market research, and product development decisions. Our unique community package includes search and recruitment features, profile management, forums and chats, survey design, branding, real-time stats and more.

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Data Hub Panels - managing market research

The social data hub is the workhorse of our enterprise system. It combines a powerful panel administration with a content management system for designing portal websites and communities. Manage critical customer data, buying trends, registration, forms for contact e-mails and incentive schemes with this world-class panel management software.

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DataVoyager – dashboards and analytics combined

DataVoyager 2.0 (DV2) is a reporting tool designed for enterprise processes, providing easy access to insights based on real-time multi-touchpoint feedback. DataVoyager 2.0 integrates specific survey feedback with data from existing CRM systems, supplementing the analytical possibilities and distributing more meaningful and up-to-date results (e.g. Key Performance Indicators). DataVoyager 2.0 Dashboards are cost-effective, automatable and suitable for both beginners and power users. And like all Questback analytic tools, the results can be accessed through tablets or smartphones.

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Reporting+ - powerful visualization of your data

Reporting+ is an easy-to-use, powerful table and chart generator. Endlessly flexible it allows the creation of complex reports with evaluation tables and charts. The intuitive usability comes from a contemporary interface, up-to-date Web 2.0 technology and Drag & Drop functionality. With EFS Reporting+, you can create individual ad-hoc reports at any time, and as the complete interface is designed as an editor, you can design your report to your brand's look and feel before you export it.

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employee feedback ernst and young case-study


Ernst & Young: Knowing employees

Using Questback Ernst & Young gets valuable feedback on employment processes and regular monitoring of employee opinion - all year round.

Ernst & Young
customer satisfaction swiss case study


Swiss: The continuous online survey

Using Questback, SWISS runs a continuous online passenger survey, monitoring customer experience at 15 touch points - and it's making a strategic difference.

customer suvey volvo case study


Volvo: Test driving satisfaction

"Using Questback, we are able to get a clearer view of the customers experience on the whole sales process from the initial test drive request to making the final sale."

customer satisfaction nespresso case study


Nespresso: Satisfying customers

Nespresso is using Questback to create more real-time satisfaction and more lifetime value.

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