Press Release: ‘DER SPIEGEL’ Next Gen – Innovation With Reader Feedback

Nyheter | Press Release: ‘DER SPIEGEL’ Next Gen – Innovation With Reader Feedback

The German publishing company focuses on customer needs with the help of Questback

Cologne, 13th January 2020 – A new decade, a new SPIEGEL. After two years of intense development, the new website is ready to be launched and SPIEGEL ONLINE will become DER SPIEGEL. Besides the journalistic and economic goals and the new technical possibilities, the publishing company focused on the readers’ needs during the development process. With the relaunch, a new development logic will be implemented: future digital offerings will be continuously improved and checked for user-friendliness. Moreover, the survey process will be simplified and modernised. As of January 2020, DER SPIEGEL will use Questback software for this purpose.

The new digital SPIEGEL offers much more than just a different name. In addition to a new technical architecture, editorial concepts and designs form the product framework of the relaunch. The readers’ needs were of essential importance.
”Our goal is to accompany our readers through the day and into the future. In the SPIEGEL NextGen project, we therefore relied on the results of surveys, studies and on-site analyses of the everyday user needs. Furthermore, the design process was continuously supported by user studies, interviews, persona workshops and an entire check-up day with a dozen readers,” explains Stefan Ottlitz, Head of Product of the SPIEGEL-Group.

Working on the redesign has accomplished more than just the implementation of a new website. A fundamentally new approach for future developments has emerged within the SPIEGEL product teams: there will no longer be a set time for a relaunch, but instead a continuous process will be introduced to constantly improve and modernise the digital offerings and provide readers with the most up-to-date content.

The readers’ needs are becoming increasingly important and will be determined by means of concept tests and through on-site or panel surveys. ”In order to continuously include our readers’ experience and opinion in the development process, we needed a tool that offers us both functional depth and flexibility. Questback allows us to create digital surveys in-house, as well as to independently make adjustments to the questionnaire design. Additionally, we were convinced by the user-friendliness of the software,” says Doris Schnaars, Head of Media Marketing, who is co-responsible for the market research of the SPIEGEL-Group. .

”With SPIEGEL ONLINE, DER SPIEGEL was the world’s first news online magazine. Since then, the publishing company has been constantly developing and has always focused on the needs of its users. We are proud to take the next step together with the SPIEGEL-Group and support them in market research and user surveys with our software platform,” says Matthias Frye, Regional VP Central Europe at Questback.

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