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Use data to power your company’s sales process and increase overall sales performance

Do you know what makes your top performing salespeople effective? Or why certain people close more sales than anyone else on the team?

With Sales Pulse, Questback’s new sales performance management software, you can learn how and why your top sellers consistently deliver results, and what your average or low performers may be doing to lose the deal.

The difference can be found in your feedback.

Sales Pulse provides sales leaders with critical insight into every sales meeting. By providing prospects with an easy-to-use evaluation, you can learn what’s working, what’s not and identify issues with potential customers quickly.

Improve Individual Performance
Sales Pulse gives each salesperson valuable feedback on how they execute their sales meetings. This insight can be used to consistently improve their performance, identify skills gaps and determine where they may require further training and development.

Learn What Your Prospects are Really Thinking
If you’ve ever wished you knew what your prospective customers were really thinking, Sales Pulse can help. Using feedback surveys, you can understand how the customer perceives your product, your company and your salesperson at each phase of the sales process.

Get Potential Customers Engaged
People do business with people they like and trust. Asking for feedback helps set you apart from your competition, gives your customers a voice and helps to breed trust early on in the relationship.

Effective selling and improving your hit rate is all about practice

To increase your chances of closing more deals you have to practice on the most important tasks and areas in your sales process. The sales meeting is one of the most important arena you have to master. Sales Pulse gives you vital feedback on how you execute each step in the sales meeting, what works, and where to change. Only then you can train effectively.

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Optimize the Performance of Your Entire Sales Team

“We have invested a lot on our sales reps’ training and wanted to see whether or not it paid off. We have also revised the sales process and wanted to know if the agreed policies are in active use. Sales Pulse solution enables us to coach our sales reps individually, and enhance the entire team’s performance. ”
– Juha Harjula, Director, Marketing & Sales, DHL Global Forwarding Finland
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How It Works

We built Sales Pulse on a foundation of over 15 years of experience in the feedback management space. It was designed in consultation with our existing customers and leaders in sales performance.

What makes Sales Pulse different is that it provides a complete feedback process for sales meeting evaluations, from automated invitations to feedback surveys, to online and real-time reporting of findings. It’s meant to be embedded in your team’s daily routines, with automated workflows and insights being generated automatically.

Data management in the source system
All sales meetings are registered, typically in a CRM or another time management system. Even if you don’t have a CRM system we can set up routines for manual data capture.

Automated trigger
After the meeting, it’s marked as completed in the system where it was registered.

Invitation to feedback survey
Sales Pulse initiates an email invitation to all meeting participants to provide feedback on the sales meeting.

Response to feedback survey
The meeting participants answer the survey and provide feedback on the sales meeting.

Enhanced feedback
Incoming responses are automatically linked to key data from the sales meeting, such as the location, salesperson, industry and other key details.

Presentation of the feedback as insights
The enhanced feedback is then analysed and presented as insights in your Questback online dashboard in real time.

Review and analyze feedback
All members of the sales organization get individual logins to the dashboard to view feedback, to drill down to underlying data, and to view trends and developments over time.

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Get Sales Pulse to Increase Your Sales Team’s Performance.

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