CUSTOMER Loyalty Matters

We live in an age that is increasingly social, digital and responsive with customers continually demanding more. It has never been easier for companies to communicate with their customers – or target those buying from their competitors. This means that having the right customer retention solution is more critical to success than ever before.

Building loyalty starts with listening to your customers and taking action. It revolves around three key areas:

  • Maintain or Improve Customer SatisfactionComplaints and service issues are moments of truth for all customer relationships. How you resolve issues or respond to feedback provides a signal of how much you value the customer relationship, delivering a direct impact on satisfaction. 
  • Drive New BusinessBy demonstrating that you value your customers, listen to them and act on their needs, you can turn customers into advocates, driving referrals and new business. Winning the moments of truth in customer satisfaction, therefore, contributes directly to higher revenues. 
  • Retain BusinessRetaining customers is six times less costly than winning over new prospects. 79% of consumers would take their business to a competitor within a week of experiencing poor customer service, demonstrating the consequences of poor customer experience on retention.

The complexity of business today means that every company has to be ready for negative feedback or service problems. Questback Customer Retention software helps you address these problems head on and turn negatives into positives, supporting ongoing engagement and action.   

higher revenue from customers that offer referrals


Built for Loyalty  

Feedback programs generate a large amount of data which can make it hard to pinpoint what matters amongst the clutter. How do you know when a complaint is critical, constructive or indicates a larger problem? How should you prioritize your response?

Questback Customer Retention management software was purpose-built to address these needs and close the loop between insight and action. In addition to automatically collecting feedback from existing customers at regular intervals through pulse and heartbeat surveys, you can listen to feedback when customers want to proactively tell you how they feel. By collecting ongoing feedback, companies can frequently measure customer relationships to ensure they are meeting needs and expectations in a way that maximises retention.

RETENTION TOOLS Built for Results

The Questback continuous feedback model helps companies shorten the response time for critical events. Its immediate response notification system:

  • Sends “hot alerts” of incidents in real-time
  • Prioritizes events based upon severity
  • Recommends corrective action
  • Captures the full impact through post-incident surveys

When your customers’ share their opinions, they expect you to listen, act and report back. Questback’s Customer Retention solution enables you to meet these expectations.