Event | 2017 HR People + Strategy Annual Conference

Different by Design: Leading the Evolving Organization

The 2017 HR People + Strategy Annual Conference explores HR's role and existence within the modern, ever-evolving organization. As technology, the Internet of Things and data accelerates change, the organization and the people within also continue to morph at an equivalent pace. The workplace itself continues to evolve, now more frequently including contractors, freelances, and more. The 2017 HR People + Strategy Annual Conference focuses on this enterprise trajectory noting, "In a world where tomorrow is already history, how can HR executives stay ahead of the curve to anticipate organizational change?"

Hosted by HR People + Strategy, the executive network of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), this event brings together the leading thinkers in the human resources profession. With a solution-focused approach, topics are not just discussed but the aim is truly to "define the constraints, break them and shape the future of HR."

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