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Market research in financially challenging environments

In recent years dwindling budgets, greater pressure to cut costs, and higher quality expectations have increasingly posed a dilemma for market research institutions and field service providers. This is forcing them to rethink their own processes and infrastructure so that they can deal with these conflicting priorities successfully as well as continuing to provide high-quality market research. However, the quality of a study depends on the validity of the data collected. And that begins with the selection of respondents.


Functional and easy to use

respondi has been successfully using the Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite (EFS) since its foundation; a software solution that combines all of the functions needed to create, and efficiently administer and manage a panel.

What is unique about Questback’s software is that it is the only online feedback software platform on the market that combines a high degree of functionality and flexibility with intuitive ease of use. It allows employees to carry out projects quickly and effortlessly, which means that respondi can operate on a resource-efficient and cost-effective basis.

Another advantage is that it grows along with the company and its business: “Usability, flexibility, and scalability are important to us during every process,” says Dr. Otto Hellwig, CEO of respondi AG. “By using Questback, we can implement projects quickly and easily and process large amounts of data without any trouble – and without any specialist IT skills.”


Rapid growth

The respondi panel includes more than 300,000 panelists from all over Europe. Over 300 pieces of profile information are managed and automatically updated regularly for each participant. That enables respondi to select very specific target groups for any type of market research project on demand – in order to obtain customized insights for its customers.

Software at the core of its business

“The Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite constitutes the core element of our business model,” Dr. Otto Hellwig points out. respondi uses this platform to perform all of its panel management tasks, ranging from the recruitment of new members to panel quality assurance, bonus management, and the implementation of – both online and mobile – market research projects. respondi’s motto is “close to people.” Thanks to Questback’s software this motto has become reality. Because it paves the way for reaching people, and thus the customer.

Adaptable software

Not only has the company grown over the years, but the software has also evolved to accommodate further requirements. In tandem with the rising number of software users the demands placed on panel management have inevitably also increased.

Market leader thanks to suitable software

Questback’s EFS provides respondi with the basis for implementing its projects quickly, reliably, and above all cost-effectively. Automated processes, a responsive layout, secure data hosting on certified servers, and continuous software advancements in conjunction with a cooperative exchange of ideas over the years have played a major role in helping the panel provider become a leader in its market today.