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Recruitment firm Randstad began measuring customer satisfaction in 2007, with an initial aim of measuring and comparing scores over time, and to establishing the KPI as a corporate standard. When Randstad looked at its options it quickly realized that conducting telephone surveys would have been prohibitively costly, meaning that it required an online survey provider to meet its needs. “In addition to technical support, we wanted a partner that could provide us with consultancy on how to get the best out of our research,” says Ulf Fröhlich, Head of the Research & CRM Department at Randstad. “As well as its technology knowledge, Questback‘s outstanding service, high levels of security, and BSI certification, convinced us that they were the right choice.”


Since 2007, Randstad has been using EFS to survey around 7,000 customers annually with an average return rate of 10%. “Because EFS was such a powerful tool, we also started using it within our own departments,” reports Fröhlich. In fact, the software proved to be so useful that it drove increasing demand for professional survey support across the company. “I listened to people within Randstad and quickly realized that there was a lot of interest from many different departments in conducting surveys,” says Fröhlich.

“That’s when we began positioning our own Research & CRM department as an internal survey service provider, all based on the power of EFS.” Thanks to the sheer breadth of its functionality, EFS was able to easily deal with the diverse requirements of different departments, covering everything from questionnaire design to the selection of target groups, and the evaluation and presentation of survey results.

As a result, Questback’s Feedback Software EFS is now being used for a wide range of internal surveys. In particular, Randstad’s training department uses the tool very intensively. Previously, training courses were evaluated using hand written forms and Excel tables. Now a complete set of satisfaction data can be collected, analyzed digitally, and visualized within a dashboard – all within EFS. This means the department can assess the quality of training courses at any time.


Adopting Questback has enabled the Research & CRM department to completely reposition itself. Thanks to the platform’s technical capabilities, it has been able to extend the reach of its service portfolio in ways that simply weren’t possible before. “We are now seen as an internal provider of key services to the business, which is very positive,” says Fröhlich. “As we have built our knowledge and processes we can now run a wide range of surveys cost effectively, quickly and with the minimum of resources. We now know precisely which surveys are the most interesting at a particular moment.”

“The great thing about the tool is that it helps us become even more customer-focused in a very efficient way, and it enables greater corporate management transparency,” concludes Fröhlich. “In addition, it reduces the pressure on individual departments, because they only have to deal with the results, and don’t have to worry about how to generate them. That saves time and of course, reduces cost as well.”

Despite its widespread adoption, there are still many more areas where Questback can be used within Randstad, providing room for development and future innovation. Ideas under consideration include comparing the results of standardized surveys across countries, providing a regional perspective. The most important part of all research activities, is that survey results drive action: “My vision is to see the results not just as an indicator, but as a strategic management tool. Now we know exactly what our customers think. We need to make better use of this information in the future, in order to bring about positive changes to how we operate,” concludes Fröhlich. In a competitive market, continuous change is key to being ready for the future.

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