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In the restaurant business, customer loyalty is everything. After all, satisfied guests are much more likely to return and recommend the restaurant to their friends and family. This realization drove Norwegian restaurant chain Egon to seek out a solution that would help them collect real-time feedback from their guests across all 40 restaurants. Before implementing Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Suite, Egon restaurants’ success was measured solely in sales and profitability, with no customer experience metrics in place.


Egon collects customer feedback on tablets that are strategically placed near the exit of each restaurant. While waiting for their companions to put on their coats or return from the restroom, guests can entertain themselves by answering a few simple questions on the tablet.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) was chosen as the quantitative metric to measure customer experience. However, instead of asking guests to rate the likelihood with which they would recommend the restaurant, Egon decided to concentrate on measuring customer satisfaction. In addition to the overall satisfaction score, the new survey also measures customer satisfaction across five key service components: atmosphere, friendliness of staff, waiting time, food quality, and cleanliness.


In just 5 months, more than 20,000 guests have submitted their feedback through the new survey. While it’s still early days, a positive trend can already be detected from the feedback data – as well as the bottom line. The result includes:

  • Relevant and timely data on customer experience
  • Concrete improvement suggestions based on customer feedback
  • A better way to motivate customer-facing staff

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