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Creating bespoke online behavioral experiments was labor-intensive and time-consuming. For Dectech to grow, it needed to find a faster, better and lower cost way of running projects.


After a rigorous market analysis, Dectech chose Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Suite. This enables the company to build its experiments within the platform, and then seamlessly collect and export results for analysis. This has enabled Dectech to scale its business, while EFS’s powerful multilingual capabilities and responsive design means that Dectech can easily create and run surveys in new languages and on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


Working with Questback, Dectech has halved the time it takes to code and test experiments, dropping from 4-6 weeks down to just 2-3 weeks. This means the company can now run many more studies per year, enabling the business to grow. Responsive design has allowed it to launch its first face-to-face experiments, based on tablets, widening its offering. It can also handle greater volumes – Dectech now receives over 180,000 completions annually.