New customer insights. Real customer relationships

New Customer Evaluation Surveys

Questback customer surveys let you collect real-time multichannel feedback from new customers to nurture the customer relationship and grow your business


  • Understand the decision criteria of a prospect
  • Improve your customer`s experience from day 1
  • Develop and utilize your real unique selling points
  • Reinforce relationship development
  • Identify cost effective marketing channels
  • No expensive agencies; access to customer data
  • Real-time customer feedback on campaigns
  • Give them more of what they like, and less of what they don’t
  • Integration across touch points; online, social, survey, mobile
  • Know what direction to take your marketing and sales campaigns in
  • Track your company’s CX and NPS against leading competitors
  • And much more...

Questback's survey and feedback platform is the industry standard when it comes to online surveys, research panels, customer feedback communities, actionable analytics and real-time results. Contact us today to discuss the right solution for your business. 

“We invested in Questback as it is the most developed system on the market, and also because it is extremely easy to use and it is good value for money.”

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