Employee Exit & Turnover Evaluation Surveys

​Reduce Turnover Costs & Retain More of Your Best People

Questback's Employee Evaluation Surveys are easy to use, offer real-time follow up, and you track evaluation results over time.


  • Reduce employee churn and cut turn over costs 
  • Learn how to maintain motivation within your teams
  • Use behavioural data to understand the loyalty criteria for your employees
  • Capture and manage former employee data
  • Capture the unfiltered reasons for leaving
  • Make sure your organization is perceived as professional
  • Nurture leadership and holistic HR
  • Easily build online HR questionnaires, analyse feedback, and initiate follow-up activities in real time 
“ ...through Questback, our basis for making HR decisions and acting on feedback is more solid
and reliable.” - Bjørn Vihovde, HR Director, Ernst & Young

Questback's Employee Evaluation solutions deliver fast, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for employee engagement.

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