Evaluations Made Easy with Questback Templates

Stop reinventing the wheel. Use done-for-you evaluation templates.

To measure what matters in your organization, you need to evaluate it.

From marketing campaign effectiveness to employee evaluations to customer experience, you need to establish a workflow to ensure evaluation is executed as events are actually happening.

Questback evaluation templates help you kickstart your feedback collection. With templates for all of your needs, you’ll have a fully integrated approach to evaluations based on industry best practices.

Ready-Made Templates and Examples for Your Organization

When it comes to getting your organization the feedback you need to make better business decisions, we know you don’t have time to waste. Questback helps you shortcut your road to feedback success with ready-made templates.

Our library helps you get up and running faster as you’re not stuck trying to figure out exactly what to include on your evaluation forms.

Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Management Platform provides evaluation templates for:

  • Employee evaluations
  • 360° evaluations
  • Customer experience survey templates
  • Marketing campaign measurement

These templates are expertly compiled so you can focus on growing your business, not learning the ins and outs of surveying.

Survey Wizard Helps You Build Surveys in Minutes

If you’re ready to go past evaluation templates, Survey Wizard offers in-platform support to assist you with survey logic, questions and managing responding info. This is a smart wizard that guides you as you choose from a variety of survey templates in over 10 languages.

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