Employee Training Evaluation Surveys

Better Feedback for Better Training Results

Are your training programs working to improve your employees’ skills, grow company revenue and increase productivity? Optimize your training programs by getting better feedback from participants.

Gather Detailed Feedback

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. The first step in optimizing your training program — whether that be employee training or sales training — is to find out what’s already working and what needs to be improved.

Questback training evaluation surveys make gathering detailed feedback easy with over 200 professional, feature-rich templates that work on any device. And automated survey invitations eliminate much of the manual effort involved with compiling and sending those surveys.

Analyze Results for Improved Best-Practices

Get an overview of training feedback and monitor results with real-time dashboards. You can easily share feedback with instructors and stakeholders using Questback’s training evaluation survey software, enabling you to identify best practices and fill training gaps.

Training evaluations also help you document program results to justify training investments while building the case for improved training curriculums.

Act on Feedback to Make an Impact

Use survey results to complete the learning cycle. Questback software helps you track performance and support participants as they implement their new skills in their daily work.

Surveys don’t just help you make your training program better. They help drive home the lessons participants are learning. Questback training evaluation surveys also let you automatically track sales performance to ensure that your program is effectively improving company sales results.

Improve Training Programs With Questback Surveys

Contact Questback today to learn how training evaluation surveys can improve training program results, nurture the learning process and grow your company’s revenue.

Learn what’s working — and what’s not — by conducting comprehensive training evaluation surveys.

Questback's HR training evaluation solutions change the way you gather, analyze and act on employee training feedback. Feature-rich and over 200 professional templates for you to use.


  • Establish a complete overview of training feedback
  • Easily share constructive feedback with instructors
  • Save time while improving the quality of the feedback
  • Easily identify Best-Practice
  • Reinforce the professionalism of your training offering
  • Reuse participants’ details for the long-term and/or continuous evaluations
  • Fill the gaps in the training programme
  • Document benefits and results in order to validate training investments
  • Gather the feedback needed to complete the learning cycle
  • Make sure participants implement the learning into their daily work
  • And much more...
“ ...through QuestBack, our basis for making HR decisions and acting on feedback is more solid and reliable.” Bjørn Vihovde, HR Director, Ernst & Young

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