Unlock Employee Insights, Recruit the Right People

Employee Recruitment Surveys

Questback's employee recruitment surveys give you the tools you need to capture real-time employee insight across the organization.


  • Recruit the right person for the right role, at the right time.
  • Prioritize and focus recruitment efforts in a cost effective manner
  • Improve employment criteria
  • Segment qualified candidates
  • Understand candidates’ expectations
  • Ensure all candidates experience a professional recruitment process
  • Reinforce your company’s image and reputation
  • Establish a pool of qualified and interested potential employees
  • And much more...

“The feedback from these surveys have been extremely valuable. We immediately saw trends in the response data and received over 40 pages of free text answers specifically commenting on our recruitment process. I was able to take this feedback to the HR Director and offer concrete actions and improvements to our recruitment process at Coca-Cola,” Tobias Wattne, Coca-Cola

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