EFS Employee Panel

Lifecycle measurement and qualitative research

EFS Panel addresses the needs of larger enterprises or HR departments wanting to perform lifecycle measurement and conduct structured and qualitative research among their employees. It has all functional modules to create an all-encompassing employee feedback platform and is used by leading international agencies and corporations across the world.

Questback EFS Employee Panel includes:

  • Complete panel management system containing registration / master data / sampling and reward function
  • Content management system to create and administer employee websites including registration, login and reminder functions
  • Powerful grouping functions to create sub groups of employees based on any available criteria
  • Powerful EFS Survey engine and vast range of testing and checking functions
  • Qualitative functions like discussion groups, blogs and forums
  • Fully configurable – any research activity or content and can be tailored to multiple groups of employees so they can only see and take part in the activities relevant or cleared for them
  • Collect & Combine feedback from multiple surveys – from starters to leavers, from 360 to employee engagement scores and forum entries
  • Use CRM connectivity and automate starter / leaver / training evaluation surveys by using event triggers
  • Translator interface to create multiple language versions
  • Fully white labeled system with infinite customization functionality and re-usable layouts to conform with any corporate CI requirements

Our EFS Panel software is intuitive to use, offers easy follow up, lets you view your results on real time dashboards. Contact us today to schedule an informal chat about the best insight solution for your needs.