Survey software solutions for HR

EFS Employee addresses the needs of research agencies providing employee research solutions to your clients as well as functional modules to create an all-encompassing employee feedback platform for thousands of great companies around the world.

Functional modules include:

  • Organizational mapping: real time hierarchical and matrix views of the organization
  • Rights & role management for collaboration of HR survey teams across departments
  • Employee allocation to business units by importing or self-allocation
  • Interfaces with existing HR systems possible
  • Powerful survey engine and vast range of testing and checking functions
  • Translator interface to create multiple language versions
  • Fully white labeled system incl customization functionality and responsive layouts to conform with any corporate CI requirements
  • Secure exchange platform for secure file transfer
  • Real time response monitoring
  • Built in email system and multiple invitations methods possible
  • Data analysis and reporting modules
  • Report upload and distribution / download for managers from within the system
  • Action planner
  • Data exploration tool for managers
  • Fully compliant with data protection and anonymity requirements including confidentiality thresholds

EFS Employee Services - for large scale projects

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