Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The Easy Way.

Collect customer satisfaction feedback, as it happens. On any device. On any channel.

Questback Customer Satisfaction Surveys allow you to hear the voice of the customer, understand loyalty criteria and monitor satisfaction in real-time.


  • Event triggered surveys, real-time results, easy follow-up 
  • Designed for smartphones, tablets and all browsers
  • Automated alerts for individual responses
  • Manage Net Promoter Score™
  • Peer reviews, survey templates, question libraries, 20+ languages
  • ISO certified data protection and security

With Questback Customer Satisfaction Surveys you can...

  • Find customers who are interested in additional products or services
  • Increase customer retention
  • Understand your customers’ loyalty criteria
  • Understand your customers’ level of satisfaction
  • Get referrals from your ambassadors
  • Collect an overview of unfulfilled customer needs

And much more …

“We needed to communicate effectively with our customers. This is easily accomplished by using QuestBack, and we now do it in a more friendly manner. We actually spend less time waiting for responses from our customers.” Thomas Pollet, Nespresso 

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