Optimize Market Strategy with Concept Test Surveys

Smart Concept Testing with Questback Survey Software.

Test customer opinion before introducing a product or service to market. 

  • Identify customer perceptions, behaviors and trends before you launch.
  • Discover which segment your service/product most appeals to 
  • Compare impact of alternative product positions and features on alternate segments 
  • Discover key insight for product development, promotion, distribution and more
  • Improve your product, hone your focus and strengthen your go to market strategy.

How Questback adds value 

  • New Product Concept Surveys
  • Product Modification surveys
  • Product Usability Surveys 
  • Serviceability Surveys
  • User experience surveys
  • Pricing and incentive surveys 

Concept testing brings a variety of business benefits and includes a wide-range of research areas. Contact us today so we can work out the right solution for you. 

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