Better Response Rates for Better Workshops

To turn your workshops into valuable learning experiences, you need the right feedback — and it starts with the right survey.

Improving the effectiveness of your workshops and boosting attendee engagement starts by gathering better feedback from those in the room. Enhance the learning experience and boost workshop revenue for future events by gathering attendee insights with workshop evaluation surveys.

Get Insight When It Matters Most

A day after a workshop ends is too late to gather relevant feedback. Capture the attendee experience while it’s still fresh in their minds with surveys that trigger immediately following the workshop.

These event-triggered surveys capture real-time insights that are up to 40% more accurate, enabling you to make better, quicker decisions that will improve the workshop going forward.

Mobilize Surveys to Reach More Respondents

Workshop attendees are more mobile than ever, toting smartphones, tablets and laptops to events. When your event-triggered survey hits their inbox, make sure they can complete it right then and there. In fact, 50% of surveys today are opened on mobile devices. For better response rates, make sure your survey works on the device they’re using.

Mobile-ready surveys don’t just look great on any device, they are more user-friendly and give respondents a better survey experience. That improved experience can quickly result in higher completion rates.

Simplify the Process of Creating Surveys

Keep workshop attendees engaged with your brand by maintaining your brand presence through the survey experience. Questback workshop evaluation surveys are fully customizable, so you can easily add your own brand colors, fonts and logos.

If you’d rather use a proven template to speed up the survey creation process, Questback surveys come with hundreds of expertly compiled, ready-to-use templates.

Whether you customize your survey or use an expert template, the survey wizard will guide you through the survey set-up process with ease. Live support is always available if you need more help.

Track, Analyze, Report and Share Data on the Fly

The world-class user experience of Questback survey software doesn’t stop with streamlined, intuitive workflow. It also simplifies the process of gathering, analyzing and reporting on survey data.

Real-time dashboards track feedback as it comes in, and sends alerts to designated teams when it’s time to follow up on that feedback. The flexible analysis tools enable you to create and present reports on the fly. Sharing a report is as easy as sending a URL.

Improve Workshops With Questback Surveys

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