Powerful reporting & data visualization

Gain instant visibility into all performance areas. Share reports and alerts to anyone, anywhere. That's Questback reporting. Why do business without it?

Intelligent analysis

You need to be able to sort out what is relevant and what is noise. Just because data exists doesn’t mean you should analyze it or it tells the right story. That’s how our reporting and analytics help. Allowing you to understand and use your feedback in relevant ways and to feed the insight transparently and quickly to the relevant departments in your business.

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Intuitive interface

The intuitive usability of the user interface is due to the MS Office “Look & Feel”, up-to-date Web 2.0 technology and Drag & Drop functionality. With EFS Reporting+, you can create individual ad-hoc reports at any time. As the complete interface is designed as an editor, the user always knows what the report will look like when exported.

When copying survey projects, already-existing reports will be copied as well. When the new survey is completed, you can use the data update feature to import its results into the report.

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Humanize your data

Questback’s emphasis on forward-thinking analytics empowers you to better predict behaviors, influence opinion and create genuine buzz and interest. And it’s not just about crunching numbers. It’s about humanizing data as much as analyzing and synthesizing it. Thus our multi-channel feedback solutions - whether solicited or unsolicited, social and survey, real-time or long-term, are designed to capture the human emotion and behavior that are still key to brand experience.

Examine your tracking data to discover your company’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. For example your biggest point of difference might be something you take for granted, but using Questback not only helps you identify that potential advantage but gives you opportunity to create a rich and meaningful campaign around it.

Or look at your purchase data to find the key differences or trends that will make your messaging over the top – because it stems directly from truth revealed by the people who buy your product.

EFS Reporting+ does not only display the results of closed answers, but handles open entries as well. By applying filters based on closed answers, you can easily restrict the open answers to a new base population.

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Combine new data sets

With Questback reporting participant specific data from the participant personalized projects can be imported and used for evaluation. For reports for panel and master data surveys, important panel data as well as external data can be imported into EFS Reporting+. Thus, externally-collected additional information for each participant of the survey can be added, collated and considered opening up opportunities for new kinds of campaigns and process specific improvements across your company.

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Visualized results

The results can be displayed in tables, enriched with additional statistical values, or they can be visualized with charts (several chart types are available). EFS Reporting+ provides a variety of possibilities to define formats either for each table or for a complete report. Just a few clicks are needed to either individualize or standardize your tables and results.

  • The most important descriptive statistical values and aggregations can be added to the results.
  • Values such as mean, median or standard deviation can be determined easily. One-sample t-test is available.
  • Easily define new calculations, e.g. to calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • A CI-compliant color scheme for charts can be specified. Participant answers, time intervals and panel variables can be used as filter criteria for reports or specific tables.
  • Various filter elements can be combined to provide a specific view on the results.

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employee feedback ernst and young case-study


Ernst & Young: Knowing employees

Using Questback Ernst & Young gets valuable feedback on employment processes and regular monitoring of employee opinion - all year round.

Ernst & Young
customer satisfaction swiss case study


Swiss: The continuous online survey

Using Questback, SWISS runs a continuous online passenger survey, monitoring customer experience at 15 touch points - and it's making a strategic difference.

customer suvey volvo case study


Volvo: Test driving satisfaction

"Using Questback, we are able to get a clearer view of the customers experience on the whole sales process from the initial test drive request to making the final sale."

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Drag & Drop functionality

Cross-tabulations are created using our intuitive Drag & Drop functionalities and makes it easy for you to contrasts the answers given for various dimensions, allowing one- and multi-dimensional comparisons.

  • User-defined recodes can be used to output condensed results. By combining various answers and in particular demographic data, new, meaningful variables can be created.
  • One- and multidimensional recodings can be used in filters and cross-tabulation to condense the results.
  • For all results, an anonymity limit can be defined, ensuring that the results will be hidden unless the number of answers surpasses the threshold. This guarantees data protection and anonymity of the participants.

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Timely & responsive reports

Reports are generated at a specific point in time. A manually-triggered update function allows updating the data and calculations again at a later date, while report data, calculations, and even the completed report files can be updated automatically in regular intervals.

  • Create HTML, Excel, PowerPoint PPT and PDF (based on PPT) reports depending on the requirements for the evaluation.
  • Using relative paths in the layout of the results display, the HTML report layout can be switched to the CSS of the customer’s CI. The result data are output as pure Excel data.
  • Charts and tables can be edited and changed directly in Excel. The reports are output in a predefined standard layout.
  • An unbranded layout is available so you can easily apply your company’s identity to your reports, be they customer or employee specific.

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questbacks actionable analytics


Sync surveys to social media, collect and structure unsolicited data, nurture leads and fans, and feed the right content to the right customer.

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questback business data integration


Questback automated analytics empower you to understand what your data is telling you, better predict behaviors, stay ahead of the market & implement ROI-transforming follow-up.

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questback surveys actionable insights


Questback datahub and panels facilitate unparalleled connection and follow up with the people who matter the most to your business: your customers and employees.

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questback business data integration


Exchange data seamlessly between your existing CRM, ERP and social media to get a complete 360 view of your customers and employees.

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