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Moving beyond easy to lose email survey invitations

Questback's Portals are dynamic online communities for your people. They not only give feedback a place to live, they put it right in people’s pocket with an engaging app. An online space that’s easy to create and simple to use, Portals connects you to your people, allowing you to launch feedback communities and surveys quickly and easily, without having to rely on traditional email invitations. By making it simple to do, we’ve made it beautiful to use, so you can start listening to people quickly, easily and effectively.

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Don’t miss out on vital insight and engagement with your people

It is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming to connect with people via email. They overlook or forget about survey invitations, adding time and cost to the feedback process when re-sending and chasing emails. And many people want to give feedback that is difficult to capture with traditional questionnaires that can focus on quantifying experiences rather than asking what they really think.

At Questback, we know people talk, and we know organisations want to listen, so it should be as simple as 1-2-3 to give people somewhere to engage effectively. Yet the complexity of creating, accessing and providing feedback often makes the current process too slow, costly and cumbersome.

Portals removes this complexity for everyone. It provides a gateway to the world of feedback, allowing people to share their opinions digitally, through whatever device they feel comfortable with, be it PC, tablet or smartphone. Mobilise your employees, engage with your customers and gain insight from the market.

Portals are simple to set up, using drag and drop design without requiring specialist skills, meaning they can be running in minutes, yet still provide a beautiful, graphical and engaging experience for the user.

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Portals By Questback Listens To Your Feedback

Start listening to people quickly, easily and effectively

Portals transforms the process of creating and launching feedback initiatives, making it simple, fast and flexible to reach the right audiences.

Portals are perfect for complex mixed-mode qualitative and quantitative research goals where you need deeper, more meaningful insight as fast as possible. So if you want to know the answer to something, you can find the right people and bring them to a productive feedback portal within hours, not days, weeks or even months.

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Portals community Tablet

Narrowing the insight gap between strategic planning and operational execution

Feedback from staff, customers and the market is vital to making business decisions based on real data and insight, not just guesswork. Traditional survey solutions require specialist skills and resource to launch, slowing down access to insight and blocking the ability to listen to what people are saying.

Portals makes feedback research business-friendly. Simply pick your audience and create a beautiful, engaging portal in a few clicks. You are in control, narrowing the time gap between strategic planning and operational execution, strengthening your ongoing decision making and engagement.

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Mobile first – put a personalised app in your people’s pockets

As well as providing a mobile-friendly, responsive site, Portals is available via an app that anyone can download on their smartphone or tablet. Personalised to your company brand, having Portals on a smartphone makes it even easier for people to give feedback, any time, any place. Tying in with native notification systems, camera and geolocation takes your feedback to the next level. Engage more deeply with staff that don’t have access to a PC as part of their role, or employees who do not have a company email account, widening the range of conversations and insight you can collect.

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Portals Orbit Integration

Close integration with Orbit for faster time to insight

Portals works seamlessly with Questback’s Orbit module. It only takes a moment to explore your Orbit, find the right people, and invite them to a discussion through Portals, giving total control of your feedback process.

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Feature list

  • Provides a simple, engaging online space for listening to staff and collecting feedback
  • Simple drag and drop design tools mean you can launch a Portal in a few clicks, without requiring specialist skills
  • Ability to launch qualitative and quantitative research through a single module
  • Portals App extends feedback options for your staff
  • View results through Questback’s interactive, graphical MySight dashboard
  • Works across Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer and market research projects
  • Seamless integration with Questback EFS Suite, including the Orbit module
  • Cloud-based reducing set-up time and complexity
  • Secure data hosting in European data centres
  • Full local support from Questback Professional Services team

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