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Manage complex hierarchies and improve Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer and market research initiatives – at the touch of a button

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Target the right people in your hierarchy - fast

Questback’s Orbit module cuts the time needed to reach your audiences. It makes it possible to create highly complex hierarchical structures, such as reporting lines within an organisation, or demographics within customer data and market research samples, using flat participant lists from existing business systems, in just a few simple clicks. Orbit does this in minutes, not weeks, providing the context and ability to exactly target the right people and parts of your audience in order to find out what matters most to your business.

Orbit takes an extremely complex process and makes it simple. This not only saves time, but has the power to completely change the way you engage with your people and listen to their feedback.

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Manage complex structures simply

Change is a constant in today’s business world. Driven by increased competition and the spread of digitalisation, organisations today undergo frequent, often extreme, restructures. Companies are collecting ever growing volumes of customer data. This leads to enormous complexity, with more fluid structures that change regularly.

Orbit cuts through complexity and quickly transforms the flat business information you have within systems such as ERP or CRM software into a usable hierarchy. Delivered in minutes and always up to date, and always in sync with your changing business.

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Automatic and efficient Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer targeting

Hierarchical complexity can dramatically increase the resource required for Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer initiatives, with teams spending weeks manually mapping organisational and customer data structures – time and money that should be spent on listening to what people are saying.

As it automatically takes your existing business data Orbit requires no additional resource or skills. Want to find a particular group and interact with them? Now you can locate them in minutes, confident that you are working from the latest information. Target people better, based on the things that matter most.

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Map organisational changes over time

Orbit isn’t solely about pretty graphics and faster business processes. By taking multiple snapshots of your people data structure, Orbit is the only solution that shows the impact of complex organisational changes over time. For instance, what was the effect of changing my organisation’s structure on employee mobilisation? Did things improve? With Orbit, you can find out at the touch of a button.

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Close integration with Portals to effectively listen to your people

Orbit is designed to work seamlessly with Questback’s Portals module. It only takes a moment to explore your Orbit, find the right people, and invite them to a discussion through Portals, giving you total control of your feedback process.

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Feature list

  • Ability to automatically link and integrate data from all major business systems, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce
  • Powerful processing engine to turn flat participant lists into large people hierarchies
  • Graphical interface allowing you to explore your Orbits, drill down and select audiences to interact with
  • View the impact of organisational changes over time, by comparing multiple snapshots of your people data structure
  • Works across Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer and market research projects
  • Seamless integration with Questback EFS product suite, including the Portals module
  • Cloud-based, reducing set-up time and complexity
  • Secure data hosting in European data centres
  • Full local support from Questback professional services team

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