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Smarter insights, better decisions

MySight from Questback goes beyond traditional survey analysis tools, putting fast, flexible insight at your finger tips. This isn’t your typical survey results dashboard. You can: explore results from multiple touchpoints in real-time; compare data from different enterprise feedback sources including customer satisfaction surveys, customer sentiment, employee evaluation feedback, market research and more; see past silos and gain new insights across departments and verticals. Choose exactly what data you want to have appear or choose from a series of template dashboards. Your data your way.

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Harness the Power of Real-Time Feedback

Explore your latest customer, employee and market research survey results or data reports as soon as they’re available to make decisions in real-time. Stop waiting weeks or months to get the data you need and make better business decisions quickly.

MySight offers the insight needed to adapt to your business, customer and market needs as they happen. Now you can create new surveys and develop new data sources quickly to identify emerging issues or priorities.

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Dynamic Reporting for Continuous Insight

Traditional reports rely on pre-set online reports that don’t always deliver the data you need. MySight is the only solution that offers dynamic reporting that’s unique to your business and gives you continuous real-time insight.

Your dashboard is customized to meet your needs by combining data from different feedback initiatives, including voice of the employee, market research, and both structured and informal customer experience feedback and more.

You can create a clear link between soft measurements, such as customer or employee sentiment, to hard measurements from your key business systems to create a stronger picture of what’s really happening in key areas of the organization.

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Empower Organization-Wide Decision Making

The sheer volume of enterprise feedback data being collected across any organization can make getting the data to the right person next to impossible. Information easily gets trapped in a format that can’t be used or easily shared.

MySight provides any of your users with access to organization-wide data. Instead of guesswork or playing detective, they have the voice of customer, voice of employee and market research data they require to support a feedback-rich culture in service of employees and your customers. Your users can take action and make the best possible decision at the right time, avoiding costly delays. Data-based decisions become the norm - and not the exception - with MySight.

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Break Down Data Silos For Good

As each department or business unit collects information on everything from employee feedback to customer insights, it’s next to impossible to know who has exactly what information. These data silos can lead to costly duplication throughout the organization.

MySight gives you a powerful way to break down silos and gain new insights across departments, business units or the entire organization.

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Custom Design

When Questback sets up your MySight Dashboards, you can choose exactly what you want to have appear or choose from a series of template dashboards. As always with Questback the choice is yours. Dashboards can also be easily branded to meet your organization's enterprise feedback management needs.

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MySight Key features

  1. The Latest Data with MySight DataFlow
    DataFlow takes data and makes it usable. Questback Data Architects take data from EFS feedback projects and external sources and create your unique DataFlow ready for loading into MySight dashboards. Data is prepared, cleansed, blended and enriched with 3rd party data. Next, a schedule is created to keep the data updated automatically to your MySight dashboard, so you spend less time preparing your data, and more time on insights.
  2. Customizable MySight Dashboards
    When Questback sets up your MySight Dashboards, you can choose exactly what you want to have appear or choose from a series of template dashboards. As always with Questback the choice is yours. Dashboards can also be easily branded to meet your organization's needs.
  3. Flexible User Experience with MySight Editor
    MySight’s online web editor gives users the power to manage, edit and customize their dashboards. It includes advanced functionality for data analysts in your organization who can perform an adhoc analysis of any of your data. Plus, MySight is accessed using a standard web browser meaning anyone in your organization can easily access it.
  4. Seamless Collaboration Between Users
    Dashboards can be shared by end users to enhance collaboration and decision making. There’s no more waiting for information to filter down from manager or the C-suite, your team can analyze, share and act on insights quickly with MySight regardless of their location.

MySight Key Uses

Get More ROI from Customer Insight With MySight

  • Increase revenue per customer
    With MySight you can collect insight into customer purchase decisions and grow your revenue
  • Create new revenue streams
    MySight gives you the oversight to develop new, differentiating offerings, closely aligned with customer needs and desires
  • Reduce customer churn
    MySight makes it easy to spot the warning signs and take action early
  • Get 360 degree view of the customer
    Blend structured and unstructured feedback data with transactional data for a complete customer experience view
  • Increase customer acquisition
    MySight helps you understand your customer profiles quickly and intuitively, so you can win more of the right kind of customer
  • Boost loyalty and referrals
    MySight lets you see and explore your NPS data in one place making it easy to target customer improvements where they will have the most impact

Employee Engagement Is Easier with MySight

  • Measure leadership effectiveness across the organization
    MySight lets you view all your HR data in one place including employee feedback on leadership
  • Boost employee productivity
    MySight gives you direct access to the voice of your employees so you can take targeted action to boost engagement
  • Identify and increase the retention of your key talent & top performers
    MySight helps you identify top performers based on hard KPIs alongside soft metrics like sentiment, giving you the holistic insight you need to keep key people
  • Understand HR performance and trends
    MySight gives you clearly organized, explorable feedback benchmarks and results, so it’s quick and simple to keep track of the people in your organization and how they are feeling
  • Know your Employees
    MySight gives you a bird’s eye view of employee experience, across all your feedback initiatives combined, meaning you can check your company’s pulse any time, not just once or twice a year
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​Get MySight. Immediate Insights for Your Business.

Talk to your Questback representative to unlock the power of real-time insight and dynamic reporting today. Contact us anytime to discuss your unique business needs.

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