Innovation Starts with Your Customers

A company that only focuses on the present will get left in the past. Being complacent isn’t an option in today’s fast changing world. Disruptive technologies and increased competition mean that even established industries are under constant threat. But your customers can help. By establishing open dialogues and encouraging ideation, you can create innovative solutions today that meet your customers’ demands tomorrow.

Open Dialogue
Open Dialogue

85% of new products fail, yet only 29% of companies incorporate their customer needs into their product innovation decision-making processes. Your customers know best. Through open dialogue you can capture customer insights and align them with your future product offerings to ensure success. 

Constant Innovation
Constant Innovation

Two-thirds of companies will fail within ten years; Only 16% last a generation. A satisfied customer today doesn’t necessarily make for a satisfied customer tomorrow. Companies need to evolve along with their customers or risk getting left behind.

Innovation is the key to growth, but it doesn’t come easily.

You can’t predict the future, but you can gain critical insight into the evolving needs, desires and perspectives of your customers today to reveal new opportunities for growth.

Questback Can Help

Only 29% of companies incorporate customer ideas into new product innovation


Ideas That Matter

The key way to foster a culture of innovation is through a community platform where customers can share their ideas. But this can be time-consuming, expensive and complex to create, manage and run. Questback Customer Innovation makes it simple. Create “pop-up” communities in minutes by automatically inviting willing customers based on their feedback and experiences.

Questback’s product feedback software makes it easy to listen to your customers’ ideas so you can get the answers you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Start Listening

Turning Ideas into Innovation Results that Matter

Innovation-generating community platforms are often disconnected from other customer feedback systems. This makes it hard to validate the impact and relevance of individual contributors and their ideas.

Questback’s product feedback tools allow you to blend the qualitative with the quantitative, like data from surveys and quick polls, so you can easily determine which contributions are the most vital to your organization’s growth.

Companies need to do more than meet customers’ expectations today. They also need to meet the demands of tomorrow. Questback Customer Innovation allows companies to unlock the power of customer insight and translate it into new product innovation.