Uutiset | Press release: New Questback Employee Touchpoint solution unlocks staff feedback across the employee journey

Julkaistu 19.10.2016 Marika Tenhunen

Palautteenhallinta Employee Insight

Powerful solution delivers vital actionable insight to improve retention, boost productivity and increase organisational effectiveness

London, 19th October 2016, Organisations can now easily listen and act on feedback across the employee journey, thanks to Employee Touchpoint. Launched today by Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, Employee Touchpoint provides companies with detailed insight into what staff are thinking at key points in their lifecycle, enabling organisations to better attract, retain and develop the right people by creating truly engaging employee journeys.

Today’s businesses face a war for talent, with the skills and experience of staff central to success in the knowledge economy. Retention of key talent is a business imperative, yet employee feedback is often overlooked when predicting and planning retention strategies.

Employee Touchpoint has been created to put feedback at the heart of business decision making. Simple to implement and easy to use, the solution collects feedback from staff at key parts of the employee journey – entry, onboarding and exit. This insight is delivered to managers through visual, personalised dashboards, making it easy for organisations to listen to employees, react to unforeseen events, and to use their real-time feedback to create engaging employee journeys that increase performance and reduce the impact and cost of staff turnover.

Employee Touchpoint benefits businesses in three areas. Firstly, by listening to employees when they first join an organisation, it delivers valuable insight to improve entry and onboarding procedures, helping staff become settled and productive faster. Secondly, it reduces staff turnover by identifying early warning signs before employees leave, enabling remedial action to be taken quickly. Finally, it provides first hand insight into business processes, identifying trends and supporting faster, more informed decision making.

"In today’s hyper competitive markets retaining, developing and engaging with your people is crucial if businesses are going to thrive,” said Oliver Trabert, CTO, Questback. "Employee Touchpoint makes it easy to listen to staff at key parts of the journey, and quickly act on their feedback to improve retention, increase productivity and achieve organisational effectiveness. With Employee Touchpoint you can unlock the power of employee feedback and make better, more informed decisions that ensure you win the war for talent.”

Employee Touchpoint is built on Questback’s advanced feedback platform, enabling organisations to seamlessly integrate all forms of feedback, such as annual employee surveys and leadership assessments in a single, secure, cloud-based platform that puts feedback at the heart of every organisation.

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