Uutiset | Qubie 2.0 - The Power of Integrated Feedback for Team Performance for Microsoft Teams

Julkaistu 09.07.2019

NEW YORK – July 9, 2019 – Questback, a global leader in enterprise feedback management, today released Qubie 2.0, a popular team performance app for Microsoft Teams that helps teams collaborate better with new features and tools. Making its debut earlier this year, the team performance app for Microsoft Teams is growing at over 21% month-over-month, already amassing thousands of users in more than 25 countries and six continents.



“We are pleased to continue working with Questback as they provide new solutions for the Microsoft Teams ecosystem,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft.  “Qubie offers a unique way for collecting employee feedback inside Teams that can change how companies use and analyze data from their employees – making  team productivity, creativity, and morale easier to achieve and maintain.”


Questback’s Qubie for Microsoft Teams meets a growing demand for organizations to optimize team performance through stronger communication and collaboration at a time when the workplace itself is rapidly evolving to become more remote, agile and transient. The second release of Qubie showcases new functionality and enhancements, including new Welcome cards, weekly team check-ins, customizable content packs, admin panel, and multi-team capabilities.


  • New Welcome Cards: Qubie for Microsoft Teams can be added by anyone, empowering leaders and team members. The new Welcome cards provide a quick overview of Qubie’s purpose and functionality, including new features that ensure seamless onboarding for users that may be added to an existing team.
  • Weekly Team Check-ins Enhancements: Qubie’s weekly check-ins enhancements provide another layer to understand how the team is performing. The second level now queries what is working and what is not working for your team and covers items such as leadership, individual projects, teamwork, resources, and workload. The new open comment improvement area provides additional insight for leaders and identifies barriers for success so teams can get back on track as soon as possible.
  • Customizable Content Packs: Qubie addresses the need to gain insight from the people that matter most to an organization—employees, customers, and markets. The new custom content packs let users determine and drive what’s most important to their role and KPIs. Now Qubie can be set up to ask any question imaginable such as post-meeting evaluation, project-based performance like deployment services, and even the rollout of Teams.
  • Admin Panel and Multi-team Capabilities: Qubie 2.0 also includes the heavily-requested admin panel, which offers advanced control and customization. Qubie also supports multi-team feedback, so questions asked can be set on a per-team basis, avoiding notorious survey fatigue.


“The future of feedback will be integrated and embedded into our everyday lives. Qubie offers a unique way for collecting employee feedback inside Microsoft Teams, offering greater customer and employee value from the get-go,” said Audun Stuland, vice president of cloud and ecosystems of Questback. “Measuring feedback through Teams will allow companies to use and analyze input from their employees at a much faster pace – and this will drive insights that will cultivate a higher level of employee performance and overall business efficiency.”


“I like the product, and it quickly and easily does exactly what it says it will do,” said Drew Bartlett of WorkForce Software. While still in the midst of their Microsoft Teams rollout, WorkForce is testing Qubie with its corporate IT team. “The download and installation of the app was extremely easy; it looked interesting because of the number of development and support teams we have in our organizations.”


Smarter teams make smarter business. Qubie for Microsoft Teams can be found on AppSource, download Qubie for Microsoft Teams today.


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