Who is Salespulse for?


Sales Executives

Gain a toolset for effectively managing sales and coaching employees toward better results. We uncover patterns across your sales team to ensure these key goals are being met. 

The Sales Representatives

Engage your customers during the sales process with automated feedback. Unlock your customers’ true perceptions to refine your sales strategy and ensure success by exceeding their expectations.


Uncover a deeper level of knowledge about your sales reps and their way of engaging your customers. Use this knowledge to generate higher quality offers, increase overall hit rate and identify sales best practice.

Salespulse: Increase sales performance, improve sales coaching and boost NPS

Integrate SalesforceTM activity with feedback surveys in order to reduce lead time & increase hit rate.

QB Salespulse enables you to collect customer input at every stage of the sales process. Implementation is as easy as clicking a button! We provide survey templates with best practices & questions already setup. All of your feedback is directly linked with your opportunities in your platform. QB Salespulse provides critical insight into every sales meeting so you can learn what works, what doesn’t, and identify issues with potential customers quickly.  

Invitation and Response Emails Direct from SalesforceTM

Customers will receive an email invitation to provide feedback based on the latest meeting and experience. After feedback is received, sales representatives are automatically notified with a copy of the response so they can quickly react and plan next steps. Customer data is available in real time and accessible from reports and dashboards in SalesforceTM instantly.   

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated McKinsey

Manual or Triggered Send Options

Automatic collection of feedback from customers during the sales cycle or request customer feedback at any time with just the push of a button.

Request feedback


Customers responses are available where you need them – on the account, the opportunity, the lead, and the contacts within SalesforceTM. Feedback data is historically stored and used to assess early satisfaction in the customer journey.

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QB Salespulse Products

Customer Feedback – We will help you gather data from key customer engagements to identify strengths, challenges, trends, and more.

Customer feedback salespulse

Sales Feedback – Measuring the sales team’s performance in your sales meetings drives more targeted and impactful  coaching.

Sales team feedback Salespulse

Sales NPS Feedback –  We will help gain insights about how customers perceive your company and products at each phase of the sales process. 

Sales NPS feedback