Facilitate Whistleblowing to reduce risk and protect your organization


Wells Fargo, Uber, lululemon, Volkswagen, BP, Novartis – no industry is unscathed by the often very-public outings of corporate misconduct. A cost that directly impacts your bottom line – take Enron who cost investors $60 billion and the jobs of 4500 employees. As corporate scandals continue to dominate the media, embracing whistleblowers and leveraging their insights is indispensable for organizations to reduce risk and protect their performance and reputation.



Whistleblower initiatives

Uncover Risks that Affect the Entire Organization
  • Financial, Legal & Regulatory RisksCorporate Disclosures, Financial Misconduct, Fraud, Insider Trading, Securities, Public Pensions, GDPR
  • Management & Personnel RisksBribery, Blackmail, Harassment, Bullying, Intimidation, Espionage
  • Operational & Supply chain RisksEnvironment, Health, Safety, Trading, Pricing, Child Labor, CSR

80% of successful whistleblowers raised their concerns internally before turning to public methods


Changing Today: The Workplace Revolution

People are speaking, is your company listening? Learn more about Workplace Revolution in this Infographic

C-suite support for whistleblower initiatives is being recognized as a key element of an effective enterprise-wide compliance program. Deloitte, WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal





QUESTBACK’S Whistleblower

Uncover insight, take action. Protect your organization.

Reduce risk, increase performance and protect your business through embracing whistleblower insight throughout your organization. A world-class comprehensive solution and framework, Questback’s Whistleblower delivers real-time insight to uncover, analyze, manage and address today’s often high-profile and costly grievances and illegalities. 


  • Protects your business against unknown or unaddressed risks
  • Provides a reliable mechanism for employees to voice their insights and concerns
  • Improves compliance with legal, regulatory, ethics and governance programs
  • Drives better business performance with proactive insight

Effective, transparent and built on a foundation of trust, Questback’s Whistleblower mitigates common organizational pitfalls trough invaluable insight.



Recent high-profile failures of corporate integrity have highlighted the need to prevent, detect and respond to the types of breakdown in trust and compliance that can have devastating consequences for businesses and the individuals within them. Ernst&Young




  • Intuitive: Easy to use, encrypted online solution, accessible from any device at any time
  • Flexible: Quick and customizable for known or anonymous submissions, interactions and reports
  • Dynamic: Real-time dashboards and alerts to ensure remediation, action and results





Creating a climate and process to facilitate internal problem-raising will help companies spot the next LIBOR rate rigging scandal, or faulty car emissions scheme, or sales incentives problem before it is too late.



Whistleblower management can help you reduce risk and improve your business performance



Intent is not enough. Questback Whistleblower helps ensure compliance.

The customer and employee insights you collect will be governed by GDPR. Are you prepared?

Who you trust matters

Whistleblowing can have serious consequences for organizations, their employees and their investors. From front-page scandals to catastrophic environmental spills, don’t entrust your whistleblower initiatives and ESG risk management to just anyone. Trust only the best.


  • Industry-leading, fully encrypted web-based solutions
  • GDPR-compliant data protection and privacy standards and practices
  • SOCSys Trust seal of assurance for independently-verified standards compliance
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security management system (ISMS)




144 countries have laws on sexual harassment. Despite this, the fight for a workplace free from discrimination and harassment continues to be an uphill battle. Times are changing, and the conversation is now. Are you listening?

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Changing Today: The Workplace Revolution


Real-time insight to uncover, analyze, manage and address today's often high-profile and costly grievances and illegalities.

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