Headline whistleblowing, escalating consumer scrutiny, intensifying regulatory oversight -  managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives is key to managing reputation and driving loyalty from consumers, employees and investors.



Direct & Indirect ESG Issues

Multiple Factors Affect Performance Along the Entire Value Chain
  • Operational RiskWhistleblowing, Accidents, Failures, Pollution, Penalties, Health, Safety
  • Supply Chain RiskCSR, Child Labor, Resource Scarcity, Extreme Weather
  • Product RiskToxic Chemicals, Recalls, Boycotts, Governance


98% of businesses say it’s getting increasingly difficult to manage privacy

Drive better ESG performance by listening to your people.

... we strongly believe that, now and in the future, winning companies will be the ones who are able to measure, track and follow-up the opportunities and risks of ESG...




It reduces risk and protects your business by embedding ESG management processes within your organization and its culture. An always-on, easy-to-use, online portal, it empowers your people to share their feedback on ESG objectives, providing real-time insight into risk. ESG Pulse:

  • Drives better organizational performance
  • Protects your business against unforeseen ESG risk
  • Increases attractiveness to investors
  • Improves efficiency of ESG programs
  • Involves employees in achieving ESG objectives
  • Helps attract and retain top talent

Whistleblowing, safety, security, privacy, transparency and governance are core tenents of effective ESG management.



Over the past years, it has been proven that companies with top performance on ESG factors adds alpha to company value and are subject to premium valuations in the market...




  • Intuitive: Simple to use, accessible from any device
  • Efficient: Easy to administer
  • Accountable: Audit trail across all ESG themes





...ESG Pulse provides us with unique insight into material factors that are important for value creation and profitable operations in our portfolio companies. NARVE REITEN, Founding Partner, Reiten & Co



See how ESG Pulse can help you drive better ESG performance by listening to your people.



1/3 of employees observe misconduct

Whistleblowing management is the first step to managing your ESG risk and performance.

WHO you trust matters

ESG risk can have serious consequences for organizations, their employees and their investors. From front-page whistleblower scandals to catastrophic environmental spills, don't entrust your ESG risk management to just anyone. Trust only the best.

  • Industry-leading, fully encrypted web-based solutions
  • GDPR-compliant data protection and privacy standards and practices
  • SOCSys Trust seal of assurance for independently-verified standards compliance
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security management system (ISMS)



144 countries have laws on sexual harassment. Despite this, the fight for a workplace free from discrimination and harassment continues to be an uphill battle. Times are changing, and the conversation is now. Are you listening?

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Changing Today: The Workplace Revolution


Manage and protect your reputation, drive loyalty and improve business performance with Questback's ESG Pulse.

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ESG Risk Management

Solution Sheet

Companies that implement ESG management reap the benefits of a significant return on investment. It is absolutely critical for companies to adopt ESG monitoring. ESG Pulse makes it easy to protect your company and enhance its value in the process.

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ESG Pulse: The Newest Resource to Protect Your Assets