Nyheder | Press Release: Questback launches Orbit and Portals to reduce feedback complexity and shorten time to insight

Udgivet 14.06.2016 Questback

Houston, Texas - June 14, 2016 - New modules enable organizations to quickly listen to Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Employee and market research participants

To enable organizations to better listen to key audiences such as employees, customers and the market, Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, today announced the launch of Orbit and Portals. Linked modules within Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Suite, Orbit and Portals reduce the cost, complexity and time involved in carrying out feedback projects, dramatically improving insight and empowering organizations to collect, connect and act on vital feedback from their people quickly and efficiently.

The larger an organization or audience gets, the harder it becomes to manage structures such as hierarchies, roles, responsibilities and demographics. Orbit cuts through this complexity, allowing organizations to reach audiences faster by mapping the most complex hierarchies with just a few simple clicks. Using data from existing business software, such as ERP, CRM or HCM systems, it provides the ability to exactly target the right people within the organization, customer base or research sample, in minutes, not weeks.

Through easy to create dynamic online communities, Portals allows you to connect to your audience and listen to what they are saying. It gives feedback a place to live, and puts it right in everyone’s pocket with an engaging mobile app. Using Portals enables you to launch feedback communities quickly and easily without having to rely on traditional invitations such as email. This speeds time to insight, and creates an ongoing dialogue, dramatically improving Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer, or market research programs.

"People want to talk – and organizations know they need to listen to employees, customers and the wider market,” said Frank Mollerop, CEO, Questback. "However they are currently being held back by the complexity of today’s business structures and the difficulty of connecting with audiences through traditional surveys alone. Orbit and Portals reduce the time to insight by making it simple and straightforward to talk to the right people, at the right time – and then act on their feedback. Designed to be easy to use and fast to get up and running, this directly impacts the bottom line – improving employee engagement, customer experience and market knowledge by acting as a listening platform that connects you to all your people.”

Orbit and Portals are part of the cloud-based Questback platform. They are simple to use, without requiring specialist skills, meaning it is straightforward for business managers to launch feedback projects in minutes. The mobile-first approach and beautiful design of Portals helps drive user engagement, ensuring that people can share their views quickly and simply, in very natural, social ways.

Hosted in Questback’s secure US data center, EFS scales to meet the feedback needs of the largest organization, across Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer and market research programs. It includes the dynamic, interactive MySight reporting dashboard, which empowers better business decisions by making it faster to turn data into insight and ensuring it is easier to share, visualize and report it across the organization.

About Questback

Questback is a global leader in enterprise feedback management with more than 5000 customers world-wide using its solutions for gathering, analyzing and acting on business-critical information. Questback’s customers improve their financial results by improving customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Our customers, like Questback, believe that people and businesses need feedback to learn and grow, and Questback technology allows you to capture this wisdom from all your stakeholders including employees, customers and market research participants.

Questback is 70 percent owned by the private equity company Reiten & Co and 30 percent by current and former employees and other investors.

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