What’s so important about customer loyalty? Everything. When you have loyal customers, they do your marketing for you, referring their friends and family to you in droves. When you have loyal customers, they won’t switch to your competitor, even when your competitor is perceived as offering a better product or a lower cost.

Here’s a collection of 19 of the most amazing stories of successful customer loyalty and how companies changed the game for themselves by inspiring greater brand connection and retention.

But why should you note them?

So you can learn and adapt. There is always room for innovation in your industry. You may not have the massive audience of, say, Coca-Cola, but that’s no reason why you can’t take their innovative ideas and transfer them into your own vertical.

As you read through this list of the paragons of customer loyalty, take one or two ideas and put them into practice in your customer engagement efforts today.

  1. When this man sought a new dentist after a move across country, he discovered that experience actually has little to do with great service. Even new businesses can stir customer loyalty with outstanding customer service.
  2. No article about customer loyalty would be complete without mentioning Coca-Cola Company. Using interactive technology, their For every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need.
  3. An This rewards-program company made it so simple for this dog spa to enroll their customers, it was a double success: Dog-spa owner Sarah became loyal to the rewards company and her customers became loyal to her!
  4. Zappos sells shoes. But they don’t stop there, and this is why their customers are some of the most fiercely loyal. Their Path of Service program. Not only are Timberland employees making a difference, but they’re showing the company’s spirit to the public – and getting their customers involved.
  5. This customer service expert the community of rabid fans they have created online encourages their customers to engage with their brand.
  6. Pedigree connects with their customers’ hearts and inspires loyalty by participating in Tesla created loyal customers by first creating an enemy. Then through establishing an emotional connection and insisting on open communication, their reputation as a quality car maker with outstanding customer-service took root.
  7. KarmaLoop empowered their customers to market and sell their urban street wear for them, and found that increased customer loyalty and lower marketing expenses were the result.
  8. We helped Cadbury is one of the top 100 communities on Google+, thanks to their focus on generating regular, authentic content. They discovered that creating an engaged community is a straight road to driving engagement elsewhere.
  9. When Asda sought to earn customers’ trust, they Here’s what they did right.
  10. customer database that can really drive loyalty
  11. What we learn from the stories above is that if you start doing these things systematically, your customer loyalty will never be the same.

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