Surveys are a powerful way to gain insights into everything from customer experience to employee engagement to the your competitive edge. Check out these 12 tips to get the best results. 

If you can answer yes to all 12 questions, there is a strong probability that you have optimised your customer or employee survey in relation to the quality of the answers you can expect – and you can focus on distributing the questionnaire and analysing the results.

  1. Is the purpose of the survey crystal clear?
  2. Are all the questions relevant?
  3. Are all the questions easy to understand?
  4. Have you avoided ambiguity?
  5. Are all the questions balanced?
  6. Do the potential answers exhaust all options?
  7. Are the answer alternatives mutually exclusive?
  8. Have you used the same type of scale throughout the entire questionnaire?
  9. Have you used a combination of open ended and closed questions?
  10. Are the questions asked in a logical order?
  11. Are the questions and possible answers linked?
  12. Have others reviewed the questionnaire?

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