Whether you are running customer surveys or employee surveys, this section is focused on practical tips and best practices to help you build and run better online surveys.

5 Worst Customer Survey Questions

5 Worst Customer Survey Questions

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You send out customer surveys to get valuable feedback and insights.

You know the purpose of each survey, and keep the questions focused on that purpose.

You keep the surveys short out of respect for your customers’ time.

And you send those surveys out at all the right touchpoints to ensure your customer’s memory of their experience is as fresh as possible.

If you’re still not getting the results you’re after, you may be making one of these survey question mistakes.

The Three Keys To Enterprise Feedback Management Success

The Three Keys to Enterprise Feedback Management Success

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To gain the insight they need, companies today want to listen to their customers and employees. In this insight-driven world, Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more organizations look to streamline the management and delivery of feedback surveys, while gaining a detailed picture of the customer journey and employee engagement. 

The benefits of listening to feedback are clear - from being able to increase customer satisfaction to identifying competitive opportunities. However, many organizations struggle to get the full power of their data to work for them. An effective EFM program is essential, but it is more than the technology you use or the raw data you collect - it requires a consistent, proactive and disciplined approach to make the most of every piece of information. But how can enterprises do that? Start with these three keys to unlock enterprise feedback management success: 

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management In 4 Simple Steps

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management in 4 Simple Steps

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When you’re running any type of enterprise feedback management program – from Voice of the Customer (VoC) to employee insight and employee engagement surveys – it’s critical that the processes involved don’t happen in isolation, or you’ll end up making decisions based on just a partial view of the data. Unfortunately all too often this is what happens on many projects, with customer and employee feedback analyzed separately, and not combined with information from other business systems. 

The Keys To Asking The Right Questions In Customer Surveys

The Keys to Asking the Right Questions in Customer Surveys

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Customer loyalty isn’t just a modern business catchphrase – it can be the difference between success and failure in competitive markets. Creating a customer experience that breeds loyalty results in a higher referral rate as well as increased customer retention. Customer surveys are key to building that loyalty.

In today’s socially connected, information-heavy world, businesses can get ahead by gathering insightful customer feedback. And this insight starts with asking the right questions.

Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

5 Ways to Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

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In recent years, there’s been a continual stream of calls for the death of the performance review.  A Forbes post by HR analyst Josh Bersin focused on the issue, pointing out that the problem isn’t with reviews themselves, but with how feedback is collected and delivered. 

10 Tips For Building Effective Customer Surveys

10 Tips for Building Effective Customer Surveys

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The feedback and insight you can get from customer surveys is invaluable. It enables you to create a more customer-centric experience that positively impacts retention, referrals and your bottom line.

But only if customers are willing and able to fill out the surveys and provide feedback.

Here are 10 tips for creating effective customer surveys that give you the insight you’re looking for.

With Surveys Shorter Is Not Always Sweeter

With Surveys, Shorter Is Not Always Sweeter

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You’ve probably had it drilled into you for years. People don’t respond as well to long surveys anymore. You’ve heard it time and time again – it is the first rule of surveys. Isn’t it?

Indeed, there’s a strong case for using shorter surveys. 

Annual Customer Survey Are Out Of Date Do This Instead

Annual Customer Surveys Are Out of Date. Do This Instead.

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

You have access to robust technology that enables you to ask your customers what they think of their experience with your company and brand.

You can easily create a system that gets feedback from your customers at strategic points in their buying journey.

How To Avoid Customer Feedback Fatigue Create Better Surveys

How to Avoid Customer Feedback Fatigue: Create Better Surveys

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

Customer feedback is an invaluable source of insights that can improve your organizational effectiveness and your bottom line. This data can help you make smarter decisions and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

But how do you get that feedback when your customers are experiencing all-too-common feedback fatigue?

It’s easier than ever to collect customer feedback, and many companies are taking advantage of that fact and surveying like crazy. This has resulted in exhausted, annoyed customers. 

Here how not to annoy your customers, but instead encourage them to fill out your feedback surveys.

Everyone Is Mobile Are Your Surveys

Your Customers Are Mobile – Are Your Surveys Keeping Up?

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About 30% of surveys in the U.S. are completed on a mobile device, and that number goes up to over 50% internationally.

Many companies are still using surveys that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. These companies are missing out on valuable in-the-moment feedback that is more accurate and reliable than feedback collected days later. Even worse, these companies are creating a poor experience for their customers, which can decrease customer satisfaction and ultimately reduce customer loyalty.

Read on to discover how you may be missing out on critical insights – and a powerful customer satisfaction tool – if your surveys aren’t created using mobile-first survey technology.


How to Make Your Post-Sales Survey a Success

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research  

The after-sales survey gives you invaluable insight into how customers feel about your company — and shows you the most profitable areas for improvement. In this post we take a look at how you can ensure your post-sales surveys are always on the money.


How to Improve Your Customer Survey Response Rate

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Today just about every company is doing customer surveys - but not every company is getting the best survey response rate.


​5 Hacks for Analyzing Customer Survey Results

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Collecting data on customer experience is the easy bit. Analyzing customer survey results and putting data into action is the real challenge. Here are 5 hacks that you can implement to help you not only get more from, but do more with, your customer data.

4 Common Customer Satisfaction Survey Mistakes

4 Common Customer Satisfaction Survey Mistakes

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research  

The insights you glean from customer satisfaction surveys can be amazing, but you first need to ask the right survey questions.


5 Ways to Build Trust in the Feedback Process

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement  

If feedback is ignored or unappreciated what is the motivation for employees to trust their honest feedback to you in the first place?


Why Your Customer Surveys Should Be Mobile-Ready

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research  

If You Don’t Consider Mobile, You’re Missing Important Customer Insights

How Closed Loop Customer Feedback Improves Customer Experience

How Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Improves Customer Experience

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

How closed loop customer feedback enables continuous learning and improvement.

How To Deliver Excellent Customer And Employee Experiences

How to Deliver Excellent Customer and Employee Experiences

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research  

Shep Hyken is a renowned customer service expert, author, and speaker. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He talked to Questback about the opportunities for both customer amazement and employee engagement in today's competitive economy. 


3 Tactics For Effective Employee Performance Evaluation

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Good employee performance reviews catalyze everything from leadership and decision-making to collaboration and innovation. Here's 3 tactics to make them great. 


How to Gain Better Insights from Social Media Customers

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research  

Social media is really important. But when it comes to collecting actionable insight or using social to create smarter customer experience, lots of businesses are missing out. Here's some tips to improve the way you listen to, engage and profit from your social customers. 

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