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Are Surveys Worth It For Startups

Are Surveys Worth It for Startups?

CAT: Market Research  

Market research is critical for any business – especially for fast-growing, nimble startups.

One of the first steps in the Lean Startup methodology is to research product/market fit. In other words, validate your ideas before you spend a fortune building a product. 

However, where many startups struggle is finding real customers to talk to. Established businesses already have an existing market to reach out to, while startups often don’t. Surveying friends, family, small focus groups, and maybe a small number of existing customers is not enough to get you the data you need to drive real insights.

Don’t worry, startups. There is a way to expand your sample group and get better market insights. 

Why Do Companies That Manage Feedback Get Ahead

Why Do Companies that Manage Feedback Get Ahead?

CAT: Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to collect feedback. Quantitative and qualitative data is readily available through online surveys, online communities and social media.

However, collecting feedback is not enough. You need to turn it into action. And thanks to robust tools like Questback that can collect and analyze this data, it’s now also easier than ever to utilize that insight to make a real difference to your company’s success. Here are four ways that feedback can benefit your business:

7 Ways To Lead Your Hr Team To Success

7 Ways to Lead Your HR Team to Success

CAT: Employee Engagement  

As a human resources (HR) manager, you have one of the most important jobs of all: to be a role model for employee engagement. When HR managers hold themselves to a higher standard and stay visible in their daily activities, their employees find it in turn easier to improve their game.

And because HR touches everyone in the company, that improvement can quickly spread and enhance the company as a whole.

5 Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction Online

5 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction Online

CAT: Customer Engagement  

According to a recent report, more than 83% of successful companies actively measure customer satisfaction. Technology, and the internet in particular, has made it much easier for companies to reach out to customers and ask for feedback. In fact, being asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey has become a standard part of the purchase process today.

The Three Keys To Enterprise Feedback Management Success

The Three Keys to Enterprise Feedback Management Success

CAT: Surveys, Data & Evaluation  

To gain the insight they need, companies today want to listen to their customers and employees. In this insight-driven world, Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more organizations look to streamline the management and delivery of feedback surveys, while gaining a detailed picture of the customer journey and employee engagement. 

The benefits of listening to feedback are clear - from being able to increase customer satisfaction to identifying competitive opportunities. However, many organizations struggle to get the full power of their data to work for them. An effective EFM program is essential, but it is more than the technology you use or the raw data you collect - it requires a consistent, proactive and disciplined approach to make the most of every piece of information. But how can enterprises do that? Start with these three keys to unlock enterprise feedback management success: 

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management In 4 Simple Steps

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management in 4 Simple Steps

CAT: Surveys, Data & Evaluation  

When you’re running any type of enterprise feedback management program – from Voice of the Customer (VoC) to employee insight and employee engagement surveys – it’s critical that the processes involved don’t happen in isolation, or you’ll end up making decisions based on just a partial view of the data. Unfortunately all too often this is what happens on many projects, with customer and employee feedback analyzed separately, and not combined with information from other business systems. 

Strategies To Drive Better Customer Engagement

Strategies to Drive Better Customer Engagement

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Customer engagement isn’t just good for your immediate profits; it’s also key for customer loyalty and your long-term revenue growth.

Engaged customers are easier to communicate with and sell to. They drive more referrals to your business and become brand advocates, helping spread the word about your company and products.

However, engaging with customers today is different compared to in the past. Cold calling a customer is just as likely to annoy them as to result in a positive response. 

The Keys To Asking The Right Questions In Customer Surveys

The Keys to Asking the Right Questions in Customer Surveys

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

Customer loyalty isn’t just a modern business catchphrase – it can be the difference between success and failure in competitive markets. Creating a customer experience that breeds loyalty results in a higher referral rate as well as increased customer retention. Customer surveys are key to building that loyalty.

In today’s socially connected, information-heavy world, businesses can get ahead by gathering insightful customer feedback. And this insight starts with asking the right questions.

Your Surprising Superpower Customer Complaints Questback Blog

Your Surprising Superpower: Customer Complaints

CAT: Customer Engagement  

You have a superpower that you might not even know about - the power of customer complaints.

How is an unhappy customer a superpower, you ask? Because they provide you with insight that’s the equivalent of reading your customers’ minds.

3 Steps To Achieving The Best Customer Experience Questback Blog

3 Steps to Achieving the Best Customer Experience

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Customer experience is a priority for most organizations, yet most struggle to realize their full potential in this area. 


Most companies tend to rate themselves highly on customer experience as they focus on obvious metrics, such as calls answered or speed of response. However, studies consistently show there’s a gap between how organizations believe they are performing and their customers’ actual levels of satisfaction. Achieving the best customer experience requires your organization to go beyond the sale itself. The key is to create an approach that keeps a keen eye on customers’ opinions and ultimately takes the necessary action to close the feedback loop. 

Want Better Customer Insight Avoid These 7 Customer Feedback Mistakes

Want Better Customer Insight? Avoid These 7 Customer Feedback Mistakes

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Gathering customer feedback is a powerful way to build relationships. It can also give your customers a much-needed outlet for their comments, and provide a channel to help you defuse negative reviews and social media comments before they get posted publicly.

But many companies rush through the feedback process and don’t take the customer into account when creating these vital surveys. 

Customer feedback surveys are a great opportunity to create happy customers, meaning it is vitally important to get surveys out quickly and at the right touchpoints. However, don’t make these 7 common feedback mistakes in the process.

Traditional Employee Reviews Arent Working For Millennials Heres What To Do Instead

Traditional Employee Reviews Aren’t Working for Millennials: Here’s What to Do Instead

CAT: Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Millennials, those aged between 18-35, have passed Generation X to become the largest portion of the American workforce. Today, they account for about a third of all employees.

This new demographic has driven companies to re-evaluate long standing ways of doing business.

One of the traditional business practices now on the chopping block is the annual performance review. 

The Future Of Employee Feedback Is Here And Its Not A One Off Event Anymore Questback Blog

The Future of Employee Feedback is Here, and It's Not a One-Off Event Anymore

CAT: Employee Engagement  

Collecting, tabulating, and providing feedback in an employee performance review is a time-honored tradition for most organizations. Unfortunately, it’s often a broken process. 

There are many ways that employee feedback can go off the rails. For example, the information that is collected may not be relevant or timely, or the organization may rely on technology to handle what should be day-to-day conversations between managers and employees. 

Feedback Culture How Uber Mastered The Feedback Loop

Feedback Culture: How Uber Mastered the Feedback Loop

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research  

The information economy has made feedback from customers and employees an integral part of successful businesses today. We’ve shifted away from knowledge-hoarding and demand-driving, and toward satisfaction and engagement. A feedback culture is emerging and is transforming how successful companies operate.

The Importance Of Organizational Effectiveness To Success In Fast Changing Markets

The Importance of Organizational Effectiveness to Success in Fast Changing Markets

CAT: Employee Engagement  

Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever, driven by digital transformation across every industry. Nearly a third of U.S. companies are likely to die in the next five years, if current trends hold, according to research from the Boston Consulting Group. This change is being driven by greater competition, leading to a need for continual innovation. In these challenging times, how can businesses not just survive but grow?

Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

5 Ways to Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

In recent years, there’s been a continual stream of calls for the death of the performance review.  A Forbes post by HR analyst Josh Bersin focused on the issue, pointing out that the problem isn’t with reviews themselves, but with how feedback is collected and delivered. 

The Feedback Gaps That Could Kill Your Competitive Edge

The Feedback Gaps That Could Kill Your Competitive Edge

CAT: Market Research  

Companies carry out market research and gather customer feedback to help them get a competitive edge. Understanding this research helps you create marketing and sales campaigns that work.

But your feedback might have gaps in it that risk turning your market research from a tool into a liability. Here are four reasons why:

Get Your Organization Ready For Instant Real Time Customer Feedback

How to Get Your Organization Ready for Instant Real-Time Customer Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

You already know the benefits of gathering real-time feedback from your customers. You can see how it can empower your employees and increase customer loyalty

But is your organization ready for real-time feedback?

Surprisingly, it may not be. Suddenly throwing customer feedback at employees or inundating your organization with real-time customer data won’t get you very far. 

Here’s how to prepare your organization to assess and handle instant customer feedback.

How To Keep Employees From Leaving A Guide To Employee Engagement

How to Keep Employees From Leaving - A Guide to Employee Engagement

CAT: Employee Engagement  

As the economy improves, the risk of your talent jumping ship increases. And, while not all industries are engaged in a full-on “war for talent” as we’ve seen in the past, we are in a reality where organizations need to actively work to engage and retain their top performing employees.

There is a clear connection between corporate performance and employee engagement. This means that keeping your employees engaged is the most reliable way to grow your bottom line.

Best Practices For Startups To Boost Customer Feedback Systems

Best Practices for Startups to Boost Customer Feedback Systems

CAT: Customer Engagement  

It’s a well-known fact that finding new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Adding to this, according to research from SumAll, companies with 40% repeat customers generate nearly 50% more revenue than similar firms with just 10% repeat business.

For most startups, every penny matters. So how do you retain existing customers? The best way, of course, is to increase customer loyalty by improving the customer experience. Creating effective customer feedback systems is central to this process. 
So what best practices should startups looking to boost customer feedback adopt? Here are five tips that will encourage customers to give you feedback time and time again. 

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