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Covering everything from feedback management to data evaluation and reporting, this section provides information on how to implement and get the best out of your enterprise feedback management initiatives. 

Implementing Continuous Innovation Through Continuous Feedback

Implementing Continuous Innovation Through Continuous Feedback

CAT: Data & Evaluation  

Trying to capture wisdom and insight is not a new concept. From customer experience (existing in an ever-growing and overcrowded marketplace) to employee engagement (struggling within siloed and irrelevant business contexts), businesses have long attempted to capture, leverage and generate value from the insight of employees and customers. As soft data and the Internet of People continue to evolve, it is more apparent than ever that previous concepts around employee engagement and the customer experience need to be reimagined. It is this continual redefining process that generates continuous innovation and progress. Transformation is the new constant in business.

The Winning Triangle Benefits Of Connecting Customer And Employee Feedback Systems With Business Metrics

The Winning Triangle: Benefits of Connecting Customer and Employee Feedback Systems with Business Metrics

CAT: Data & Evaluation  

Today, organizations recognize that effective feedback systems are central to their success. Whether it is collecting feedback from customers or employees, it can be used to drive improvements and change across the business. However, feedback systems can be even more powerful if they are integrated. By bringing together employee and customer feedback systems with KPIs such as turnover, margin and profit organizations are able to see the direct financial benefits of insight to their bottom line.

3 Simple Steps to Listen to the Voice of Business for Busy Managers

CAT: Data & Evaluation  

As a manager, you have a million things on your plate every day.

Chasing down Voice of the Business (VOB) insights – such as financial data, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), IT assets, and facilities – is simply something you may not have time for.

Let’s face it: Knowing who even has that data is a skill-set in itself!

VOB data is critically important. Without it, it’s impossible to see the whole picture of how the business is really working. 

Why Do Companies That Manage Feedback Get Ahead

Why Do Companies that Manage Feedback Get Ahead?

CAT: Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to collect feedback. Quantitative and qualitative data is readily available through online surveys, online communities and social media.

However, collecting feedback is not enough. You need to turn it into action. And thanks to robust tools like Questback that can collect and analyze this data, it’s now also easier than ever to utilize that insight to make a real difference to your company’s success. Here are four ways that feedback can benefit your business:

The Three Keys To Enterprise Feedback Management Success

The Three Keys to Enterprise Feedback Management Success

CAT: Surveys, Data & Evaluation  

To gain the insight they need, companies today want to listen to their customers and employees. In this insight-driven world, Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more organizations look to streamline the management and delivery of feedback surveys, while gaining a detailed picture of the customer journey and employee engagement. 

The benefits of listening to feedback are clear - from being able to increase customer satisfaction to identifying competitive opportunities. However, many organizations struggle to get the full power of their data to work for them. An effective EFM program is essential, but it is more than the technology you use or the raw data you collect - it requires a consistent, proactive and disciplined approach to make the most of every piece of information. But how can enterprises do that? Start with these three keys to unlock enterprise feedback management success: 

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management In 4 Simple Steps

How To Maximize Your Enterprise Feedback Management in 4 Simple Steps

CAT: Surveys, Data & Evaluation  

When you’re running any type of enterprise feedback management program – from Voice of the Customer (VoC) to employee insight and employee engagement surveys – it’s critical that the processes involved don’t happen in isolation, or you’ll end up making decisions based on just a partial view of the data. Unfortunately all too often this is what happens on many projects, with customer and employee feedback analyzed separately, and not combined with information from other business systems. 

Traditional Employee Reviews Arent Working For Millennials Heres What To Do Instead

Traditional Employee Reviews Aren’t Working for Millennials: Here’s What to Do Instead

CAT: Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Millennials, those aged between 18-35, have passed Generation X to become the largest portion of the American workforce. Today, they account for about a third of all employees.

This new demographic has driven companies to re-evaluate long standing ways of doing business.

One of the traditional business practices now on the chopping block is the annual performance review. 

Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

5 Ways to Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

In recent years, there’s been a continual stream of calls for the death of the performance review.  A Forbes post by HR analyst Josh Bersin focused on the issue, pointing out that the problem isn’t with reviews themselves, but with how feedback is collected and delivered. 

Get Your Organization Ready For Instant Real Time Customer Feedback

How to Get Your Organization Ready for Instant Real-Time Customer Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

You already know the benefits of gathering real-time feedback from your customers. You can see how it can empower your employees and increase customer loyalty

But is your organization ready for real-time feedback?

Surprisingly, it may not be. Suddenly throwing customer feedback at employees or inundating your organization with real-time customer data won’t get you very far. 

Here’s how to prepare your organization to assess and handle instant customer feedback.

Why Listening Isnt As Easy As It Sounds

Why listening isn’t as easy as it sounds

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Insight and understanding is vital if you want to make better decisions and drive improvements in business performance.  And a good starting point for gaining useful insights is listening to what people are saying, be they your customers, prospects or employees.


How to Improve Your Customer Survey Response Rate

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Today just about every company is doing customer surveys - but not every company is getting the best survey response rate.


How Emotions Drive Customer Experience

CAT: Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Study after study shows that emotions matter more than reason when it comes to customer satisfaction and experience. Dig into your customer feedback to understand the emotional triggers behind your customer's behavior.


​5 Hacks for Analyzing Customer Survey Results

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Collecting data on customer experience is the easy bit. Analyzing customer survey results and putting data into action is the real challenge. Here are 5 hacks that you can implement to help you not only get more from, but do more with, your customer data.

How Closed Loop Customer Feedback Improves Customer Experience

How Closed-Loop Customer Feedback Improves Customer Experience

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

How closed loop customer feedback enables continuous learning and improvement.


Build Trust and Get Better Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Trust doesn’t come easy, but with some good habits on the part of survey professionals and management, your company can earn it.


3 Tactics For Effective Employee Performance Evaluation

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Good employee performance reviews catalyze everything from leadership and decision-making to collaboration and innovation. Here's 3 tactics to make them great. 


​The Biggest Problem With Your Feedback Data

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research, Data & Evaluation  

Based on feedback we’ve received from thousands of clients, the biggest problem facing enterprises is not data collection, but unlocking insight from data - and turning it, systematically into opportunity and advantage.


​7 Reasons to Use Open-Ended Survey Questions

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Making the right choices between open-ended and closed survey questions, allows you to get only the data that best serves the goal of your customer, employee or market research survey.


Lessons in Continuous Employee Feedback

CAT: Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Sport and business can often learn a lot from each other, as they both look to increase effectiveness and achieve success. At the same time trends can span the two fields – as can be seen by recent stories around Accenture and Team Sky. Let's take a look. 


How to Scale the Benefits of 360° Employee Feedback

CAT: Surveys, Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Are you struggling to boost employee engagement? 360° feedback provides a means to do that, while improving your entire value chain along the way.

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