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Our employee engagement section focuses on how you can listen to your staff, act on their feedback and use employee insight to increase retention, productivity and business performance. 

Proper Whistleblowing Mechanisms Are A Requirement Just Ask Uber

Proper Whistleblowing Mechanisms are a Requirement. Just Ask Uber.

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Uber is not a stranger to the headlines – positive and negative. Illegal car hires in Hong Kong, union bid blocking in Seattle, the search for a second executive, and internal discrimination and harassment allegations, Uber appears to be struggling with employee and customer challenges – perhaps unsurprisingly given its rapid, global growth. While customer experience receives most of the attention, employee engagement and customer experience are two sides of the same coin. It comes down to how a business engages with and manages its relationships with people, leveraging their insight to deliver better experiences on both sides. And, in doing so, improve the method in which they operate their business.

Questback Blog Why Employee Engagement Is Fundamentally Changing

Why Employee Engagement is Fundamentally Changing

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The increasingly complex problem sets and the dependency of solutions on relationships between people have given rise to a new era of business technologythe Internet of People. This impacts employee engagement too. Employee engagement has traditionally been operationalized as annual employee surveys with rigid follow-up cycles that both managers and employees find frustrating and see very little value in. The Internet of People, built around soft data, will change this. Employee engagement is transforming into an integrated measure of how businesses operate, offering human resources leaders a refreshingly new opportunity to secure the delivery of critical outcomes in close collaboration with business leaders.

Is Employee Insight Less Valuable Than Customer Insight

Is Employee Insight Less Valuable than Customer Insight?

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Customers and employees are vital to your organization’s ongoing success. Most firms recognize the importance of delivering a superior customer experience, attaching a high value on understanding and improving that experience across a growing number of touchpoints. Yet many seem to neglect employee insight. Employee insight, by contrast, seems undervalued and poorly appreciated. Many organizations are still stuck in an annual cycle of employee engagement surveys and performance reviews that don’t link with wider business objectives or provide timely, actionable employee insight. 

It’s fair to say that most companies know way more about their customers than their employees - despite the vital importance employee engagement holds for business success. What best practice learnings can HR take away from the customer experience world to enhance employee insight strategy? 

The 7 Stages Of The Employee Lifecycle

The 7 Stages of the Employee Lifecycle and Why They Matter

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The case for the customer journey has never been stronger. Matched with innovative technologies, analytics, and clear ROIs, companywide focus and investment have been extensive. Once disjoined departments are now aligned; bridges span traditional silos; and cohesive CX programs have been implemented to ensure a seamless customer journey that meets and exceeds the customer’s needs. But, in our focus on the customer journey, have we missed a crucial element? Have we missed the forest for the trees?

The Lead Developer Conf Ny

Leading The Lead Developer to Success when Creating Enterprise Technology Solutions

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It is a known truth that the success of any project, technical or otherwise, lies in its implementation. The translation from idea into reality is a crucial phase; one that holds the power to derail a plan entirely or ensure a great success. For enterprise technology solutions, the delivery and implementation phase is not only central to achieving your goals, but also has a ripple effect, impacting employees, customers and often, the bottom-line. 

What is the key to a successful implementation phase? Do enterprise technology solutions require a different approach? Behind any piece of technology, especially great enterprise technology solutions, is a team. A team of technical programmers, developers and consultants that translate ideas into reality in very tangible terms. These people, who in many ways are shaping the way technology could impact our lives, matter; their insights and technology feedback matter. 

How To Evolve Your Employee Feedback From Tactical To Strategic

How to Evolve Your Employee Feedback From Tactical to Strategic

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How to become independent in your employee feedback

The benefits of collecting and acting on employee feedback are widely recognized: more engaged employees, who are more productive, less likely to leave and more motivated to deliver a high level of service to customers. Employees who are highly engaged are more likely to think of new, better, and more efficient ways of doing their jobs, even identifying opportunities for new products and service offerings. And these insights and intelligence generated by employee feedback can support more informed business decisions

7 Ways To Lead Your Hr Team To Success

7 Ways to Lead Your HR Team to Success

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As a human resources (HR) manager, you have one of the most important jobs of all: to be a role model for employee engagement. When HR managers hold themselves to a higher standard and stay visible in their daily activities, their employees find it in turn easier to improve their game.

And because HR touches everyone in the company, that improvement can quickly spread and enhance the company as a whole.

Traditional Employee Reviews Arent Working For Millennials Heres What To Do Instead

Traditional Employee Reviews Aren’t Working for Millennials: Here’s What to Do Instead

CAT: Employee Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

Millennials, those aged between 18-35, have passed Generation X to become the largest portion of the American workforce. Today, they account for about a third of all employees.

This new demographic has driven companies to re-evaluate long standing ways of doing business.

One of the traditional business practices now on the chopping block is the annual performance review. 

The Future Of Employee Feedback Is Here And Its Not A One Off Event Anymore Questback Blog

The Future of Employee Feedback is Here, and It's Not a One-Off Event Anymore

CAT: Employee Engagement  

Collecting, tabulating, and providing feedback in an employee performance review is a time-honored tradition for most organizations. Unfortunately, it’s often a broken process. 

There are many ways that employee feedback can go off the rails. For example, the information that is collected may not be relevant or timely, or the organization may rely on technology to handle what should be day-to-day conversations between managers and employees. 

Feedback Culture How Uber Mastered The Feedback Loop

Feedback Culture: How Uber Mastered the Feedback Loop

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The information economy has made feedback from customers and employees an integral part of successful businesses today. We’ve shifted away from knowledge-hoarding and demand-driving, and toward satisfaction and engagement. A feedback culture is emerging and is transforming how successful companies operate.

The Importance Of Organizational Effectiveness To Success In Fast Changing Markets

The Importance of Organizational Effectiveness to Success in Fast Changing Markets

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Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever, driven by digital transformation across every industry. Nearly a third of U.S. companies are likely to die in the next five years, if current trends hold, according to research from the Boston Consulting Group. This change is being driven by greater competition, leading to a need for continual innovation. In these challenging times, how can businesses not just survive but grow?

Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

5 Ways to Stop Your Employees From Dreading Performance Reviews

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In recent years, there’s been a continual stream of calls for the death of the performance review.  A Forbes post by HR analyst Josh Bersin focused on the issue, pointing out that the problem isn’t with reviews themselves, but with how feedback is collected and delivered. 

How To Keep Employees From Leaving A Guide To Employee Engagement

How to Keep Employees From Leaving - A Guide to Employee Engagement

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As the economy improves, the risk of your talent jumping ship increases. And, while not all industries are engaged in a full-on “war for talent” as we’ve seen in the past, we are in a reality where organizations need to actively work to engage and retain their top performing employees.

There is a clear connection between corporate performance and employee engagement. This means that keeping your employees engaged is the most reliable way to grow your bottom line.

3 Things Shark Tank And Your Employee Engagement Strategy Have In Common Questback Blog

3 Things that Shark Tank and Your Employee Engagement Strategy Have in Common

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A panel of neatly dressed potential investors (aka “sharks”) sit in a row, pen and paper at the ready. 

The doors open. 
An entrepreneur strides through – maybe showing some signs of nerves, maybe radiating confidence – and takes their place on the stage.
The pitch begins.
Will the sharks take the bait? Will there be a feeding frenzy to fund the entrepreneur’s dreams? Or will the sharks take a bite out of the entrepreneur on national television?
Shark Tank makes for engaging television. And this engagement is the key to keeping the audience from changing the channel.
Take a few tips from Shark Tank to keep your employees engaged – and keep them from changing the channel from your company’s goals.

Difference Between Employee Engagement And Employee Satisfaction

The Difference Between Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction

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Employee engagement is much more than just being happy in a job. An employee can be satisfied without being engaged in their work.

While a satisfied employee may choose to stick around, they may not necessarily be productive. But an engaged employee who is invested in their work will be more productive and willing to go the extra mile. In fact, organizations with engaged employees can expect better staff retention, more innovation, and a higher overall quality of work.

Unlocking Staff Feedback Across The Employee Journey

Win the War for Talent: Listen and Act with Employee Touchpoint

CAT: Employee Engagement  

Top companies understand the powerful connections between engaged employees and bottom-line performance. Organizations big and small are therefore investing more time and money learning how to effectively measure and leverage critical team feedback to form a stronger competitive edge. Companies capable of effectively motivating and cultivating inspired workforces are winning the war for talent, reducing turnover, and making smarter business decisions based on comprehensive feedback. These successful organizations are intentional about studying the experience of their team members during all stages of the employee lifecycle. This journey-based approach to feedback gives business leaders a more holistic view of their organization which accelerates improvement.

Reduce Churn By Engaging Employees From The Moment They Are Hired

Reduce Churn by Engaging Employees from the Moment They Are Hired

CAT: Employee Engagement  

There is a direct link between corporate performance and employee engagement.

Tracking, managing, and boosting employee engagement used to be HR’s responsibility, but this is no longer the case. You, the manager, are now accountable for your employees’ commitment to the organization.

A drop in productivity or an increase in employee complaints are just two of the warning signs that you might have actively disengaged employees on your hands.

Don’t let it get that far. Retain your top talent by staying focused on employee engagement.

You have the opportunity to engage your employees from the very moment they join your team.

What To Look For In An Employee Engagement And Feedback Tool

What to Look for in an Employee Engagement and Feedback Tool

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The days of collecting employee survey data on paper-based forms or in a spreadsheet are long gone. Technology has taken over this vital, yet time-consuming task.

While no one would argue that we should go back to paper-based systems, the task of choosing the right employee engagement and feedback tool can be overwhelming. The large number of options, features and benefits are enough to make any HR manager’s head spin. 

13 Facts You Did Not Know About Enterprise Feedback Management

13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Enterprise Feedback Management

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research  

Smart organizations today use Enterprise Feedback Management to streamline the collection of feedback from customers, employees and the marketplace. Everything from creation, management, and delivery of surveys to analysis of results falls under the Enterprise Feedback Management umbrella.

How To Align Employee Engagement With Business Objectives

How to Align Employee Engagement with Business Objectives?

CAT: Employee Engagement  

So you’ve improved employee engagement. Congratulations!  But is it really moving you toward your organizational and company goals?

Misalignment between employee performance and business objectives can slow down a company’s growth – no matter how engaged the employees are.

Here are three ways to make sure employees are aligned with company goals, and that their engagement is getting you where you want to be.

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