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In the customer experience section we focus on sharing ideas on how you can improve your overall customer engagement and gain better customer insight to drive business improvements.

Digital Customer Experience: Is that all there is?

Digital Customer Experience: Is that all there is?

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Digital transformation is ubiquitous across industries. Success is measured by cookies, sessions, clicks, conversion rates and dozens more quantitative metrics. However, do organizations know their customers? Do they understand the intent behind the click? 

Four Ways To Make Gamification Central To Customer Feedback

Four Ways to Make Gamification Central to Customer Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Since the idea of gamification first reached the business world, many organizations have tried to use its power to improve how they engage with consumers when collecting customer feedback. Yet, despite the major benefits the concept promises, such as deeper engagement and higher response rates, many gamified customer feedback programs are simply failing to provide significant results. Why is this and how can it be overcome?

How To Become A Customer Experience Management Hero

How to Become a Customer Experience Management Hero

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Companies that rely on data-driven decisions to support customer interactions are seeing clear benefits. A Forbes Insight survey of 350 executives revealed that decision-making speed accelerates by 62 percent through a data-driven customer experience management (CEM) system. In a hyper-competitive market, there are clear benefits to knowing and building strong relationships with your customers. 

What Your Customers Really Want You To Know

What Your Customers Really Want You to Know

CAT: Customer Engagement  

The larger your company gets, the easier it is to become disconnected with the reason you are in business at all – that is, your customers.

As your company grows, you need to go beyond simply implementing systems to improve customer service, customer experience, and customer loyalty – you also need to focus on listening to your customers.

In fact, your customers have a few things they’d like to say to you right now…

Creating A Modern Approach To Customer Experience Management

Creating a Modern Approach to Customer Experience Management

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Customer experience is the benchmark of business success today — above customer service, and above the value of the product. You read about this in expert articles. You hear about it through business reports and market research commentaries. But what is customer experience? This article in the Harvard Business Review sums it up nicely. Customer experience is your customer’s end-to-end journey with your company.

5 Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction Online

5 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction Online

CAT: Customer Engagement  

According to a recent report, more than 83% of successful companies actively measure customer satisfaction. Technology, and the internet in particular, has made it much easier for companies to reach out to customers and ask for feedback. In fact, being asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey has become a standard part of the purchase process today.

Strategies To Drive Better Customer Engagement

Strategies to Drive Better Customer Engagement

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Customer engagement isn’t just good for your immediate profits; it’s also key for customer loyalty and your long-term revenue growth.

Engaged customers are easier to communicate with and sell to. They drive more referrals to your business and become brand advocates, helping spread the word about your company and products.

However, engaging with customers today is different compared to in the past. Cold calling a customer is just as likely to annoy them as to result in a positive response. 

The Keys To Asking The Right Questions In Customer Surveys

The Keys to Asking the Right Questions in Customer Surveys

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

Customer loyalty isn’t just a modern business catchphrase – it can be the difference between success and failure in competitive markets. Creating a customer experience that breeds loyalty results in a higher referral rate as well as increased customer retention. Customer surveys are key to building that loyalty.

In today’s socially connected, information-heavy world, businesses can get ahead by gathering insightful customer feedback. And this insight starts with asking the right questions.

Your Surprising Superpower Customer Complaints Questback Blog

Your Surprising Superpower: Customer Complaints

CAT: Customer Engagement  

You have a superpower that you might not even know about - the power of customer complaints.

How is an unhappy customer a superpower, you ask? Because they provide you with insight that’s the equivalent of reading your customers’ minds.

3 Steps To Achieving The Best Customer Experience Questback Blog

3 Steps to Achieving the Best Customer Experience

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Customer experience is a priority for most organizations, yet most struggle to realize their full potential in this area. 


Most companies tend to rate themselves highly on customer experience as they focus on obvious metrics, such as calls answered or speed of response. However, studies consistently show there’s a gap between how organizations believe they are performing and their customers’ actual levels of satisfaction. Achieving the best customer experience requires your organization to go beyond the sale itself. The key is to create an approach that keeps a keen eye on customers’ opinions and ultimately takes the necessary action to close the feedback loop. 

Want Better Customer Insight Avoid These 7 Customer Feedback Mistakes

Want Better Customer Insight? Avoid These 7 Customer Feedback Mistakes

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Gathering customer feedback is a powerful way to build relationships. It can also give your customers a much-needed outlet for their comments, and provide a channel to help you defuse negative reviews and social media comments before they get posted publicly.

But many companies rush through the feedback process and don’t take the customer into account when creating these vital surveys. 

Customer feedback surveys are a great opportunity to create happy customers, meaning it is vitally important to get surveys out quickly and at the right touchpoints. However, don’t make these 7 common feedback mistakes in the process.

Feedback Culture How Uber Mastered The Feedback Loop

Feedback Culture: How Uber Mastered the Feedback Loop

CAT: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Market Research  

The information economy has made feedback from customers and employees an integral part of successful businesses today. We’ve shifted away from knowledge-hoarding and demand-driving, and toward satisfaction and engagement. A feedback culture is emerging and is transforming how successful companies operate.

Get Your Organization Ready For Instant Real Time Customer Feedback

How to Get Your Organization Ready for Instant Real-Time Customer Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement, Data & Evaluation  

You already know the benefits of gathering real-time feedback from your customers. You can see how it can empower your employees and increase customer loyalty

But is your organization ready for real-time feedback?

Surprisingly, it may not be. Suddenly throwing customer feedback at employees or inundating your organization with real-time customer data won’t get you very far. 

Here’s how to prepare your organization to assess and handle instant customer feedback.

Best Practices For Startups To Boost Customer Feedback Systems

Best Practices for Startups to Boost Customer Feedback Systems

CAT: Customer Engagement  

It’s a well-known fact that finding new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Adding to this, according to research from SumAll, companies with 40% repeat customers generate nearly 50% more revenue than similar firms with just 10% repeat business.

For most startups, every penny matters. So how do you retain existing customers? The best way, of course, is to increase customer loyalty by improving the customer experience. Creating effective customer feedback systems is central to this process. 
So what best practices should startups looking to boost customer feedback adopt? Here are five tips that will encourage customers to give you feedback time and time again. 

Zen Of Customer Loyalty How To Never Lose A Customer Again

The Zen of Customer Loyalty: How to Never Lose a Customer Again

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Angry customers. Loud, public complaints and hundreds of questions on social media. Massive amounts of meaningless customer feedback data in various systems.

It’s enough to disturb anyone’s peace of mind.

Bring some Zen-like calm into your customer interactions with these three tenets of customer loyalty.

10 Tips For Building Effective Customer Surveys

10 Tips for Building Effective Customer Surveys

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

The feedback and insight you can get from customer surveys is invaluable. It enables you to create a more customer-centric experience that positively impacts retention, referrals and your bottom line.

But only if customers are willing and able to fill out the surveys and provide feedback.

Here are 10 tips for creating effective customer surveys that give you the insight you’re looking for.

Emotions Trump Logic When It Comes To Customer Satisfaction

Emotions Trump Logic When It Comes to Customer Satisfaction

CAT: Customer Engagement  

How customers feel about their experience with your company matters more than whether or not they like your product. The first is considered emotional satisfaction, while the second is rational satisfaction.

Annual Customer Survey Are Out Of Date Do This Instead

Annual Customer Surveys Are Out of Date. Do This Instead.

CAT: Surveys, Customer Engagement  

You have access to robust technology that enables you to ask your customers what they think of their experience with your company and brand.

You can easily create a system that gets feedback from your customers at strategic points in their buying journey.

Three Great Strategies For Gathering Real Time Customer Feedback

3 Great Strategies for Gathering Real-Time Customer Feedback

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Your customers are sharing their feedback with friends and family after every interaction with your company. But are you listening

Customer Feedback Analytics What You Need To Know

Customer Feedback Analytics: What You Need to Know

CAT: Customer Engagement  

Gathering customer feedback is an essential part of measuring a business’s success, keeping ahead of the curve, and satisfying customers.

But analyzing that feedback is where the real improvement begins. Analyzing customer feedback data is valuable in delivering a better experience to your customers and stronger results for your business.

Here are a few things to look out for as you dig into customer feedback analytics.

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