Alignment Matters

There is little benefit in having engaged employees if they are taking your company in the wrong direction. Goal alignment is about ensuring that your team is focusing on the same goals and delivering toward your strategic objectives. But this doesn’t just happen naturally – misalignment has some common causes:

  • Companies often lack easily accessible feedback tools for employees to communicate their understanding of the business strategy, ask questions or share insights
  • They lack a culture of openness, meaning feedback isn’t shared and leaders don’t know there are gaps between strategy and reality
  • Both of these situations mean that leadership has no clear picture of alignment or how best to take action
Start Solving

of organizations claimed employees had a good understanding of company strategy and objectives


So how can you address these challenges in your organization?

This isn’t about a single feedback program or alignment survey. It is about enabling regular dialogue between employees and their managers. Provide an easy way to share both structured and unstructured feedback that delivers insight on organizational alignment.

Greater alignment comes from:

  • Easy-to-access communication tools
  • Measurement
  • Proactive outreach
  • Building a culture around the open exchange of ideas

Questback has built solutions to directly address these challenges.

Close the Loop

To address alignment issues, you need to start by understanding where you are now. Questback enables you to capture this feedback through always-on listening and by creating regular scheduled or on-demand surveys. We help you close the loop, providing powerful tools to analyze feedback, deliver insight into the real state of organizational alignment and share best practices amongst teams.

Questback helps you foster an open culture of continuous improvement. 

Always-On Listening
Always-On Listening

Give your employees a voice 24/7

On-Demand Alignment Surveys
On-Demand Alignment Surveys

Quickly gather feedback on the go

Feedback Analysis Tools
Feedback Analysis Tools

Take action using the right data

Interactive Dashboards
Interactive Dashboards

Explore and discover insights from your data

Track Alignment Over Time
Track Alignment Over Time

Test and measure success over time

Personalize Data by Role
Personalize Data by Role

Relevant data for managers to C-Suite

Questback Employee Alignment Features

Built for Results

Capturing feedback is only the start. Questback’s goal alignment software allows you to track alignment over time and share the information across the organization through interactive dashboards, personalized by role and responsibility.

This means feedback and misalignment no longer slip by unnoticed. It can be shared for everyone to see, track and action. 

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