We’ve been in the technology game since 2000, building solutions that have

Since 2000, Questback has been at the forefront of technological innovation, building solutions that change the way leading organizations talk and listen to their employees and their customers and how they read the market.

Passionate about people, we eat, sleep and dream feedback. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our feedback and insight solutions to be at the cutting edge of technology, meaning one less thing for you to worry about.

What’s in our software stack?

Questback Essentials
If you’re a greenhorn who wants to start small, Questback Essentials is the solution for you. Our easy and flexible DIY feedback solution helps you tap into the insights from your people and customers. Get ready to fuel innovation and growth

Enterprise Feedback Suite
For intermediates and experts, our Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite is our all singing, all dancing feedback platform delivering voice of the employee, voice of the customer and market research capability from one spot.

On a mission to democratize feedback, we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest and best in town. Gather feedback and collect insights directly within the popular tools your team uses every day.

Our Innovation Story

We have a proud heritage of tech innovation. When we got going in 2000, we led the first wave of digital transformation in the feedback industry by moving surveys online. And, we’ve never looked back!

Since then, we’ve seen the enormously positive influence feedback brings to people’s lives. With more data on hand—including operational and telemetry data as well as customer and colleague feedback data—businesses can make better decisions faster, delighting customers and increasing profitability along the way.

But feedback is a scarce resource for many organizations. Just 5% of managers and professionals have the tools they need to collect new feedback or analyze existing feedback when making everyday business decisions. We want to upend that and bring feedback to the masses.

We might be small, but we’re bold too. Our goal is to make feedback abundant for every organization, every manager and every professional. We know that this is only possible if feedback technology makes a quantum leap and becomes exponentially smarter and easier to use.

The old vectors of innovation have run out of steam. So, our focus of innovation is shifting to three new vectors that will deliver that quantum leap.

1. AI becomes the new UI

Making feedback tools easy for everyone starts with AI and machine learning—and not just as a thin layer bolted onto a platform but instead as an integral part of every layer, infused into the very fabric of our technology.

We’re replacing an old UI with conversational interfaces and virtual assistants. Not only will this make feedback tools easier to use, it will also make them more helpful. This means you can bring the right questions to the right people at the right times—without worrying about over-surveying anyone.

2. Feedback is embedded in productivity tools

Employees don’t want to have to manage yet another platform. Feedback, then, needs to be embedded where your users already are—in tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We’re focusing on integrating our tools into popular platforms to deliver the power of feedback and insights-driven decision-making right where your users are already working.

3. Automatic scalability in the cloud

Modern enterprise applications need scalability, flexibility and agility. Whether you go from thousands of responses to millions, migrate from one tool to another, or open a new location or department, you need to know that you can just hit the gas and the engine will respond as you’re accustomed.

We’re delivering a cloud-based microservices-driven architecture that can keep pace with your growth, future-proofing your feedback needs.

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