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Questback and addressing the workforce challenge in healthcare

Published February 16, 2018

Attracting, engaging and keeping staff is one of the key challenges that the NHS faces, at both a national and a local level. How can Trusts ensure that they are retaining the people they need to deliver the high quality care that patients require? 

There are national shortages of staff across the NHS. Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust faces additional challenges – its workforce is split over 80 different sites, across a wide geographic area. To help it is working with Questback, using its online feedback platform to listen to its staff and patients, with this insight improving how it operates.

“We think Questback’s digital solution will help us to promote the idea that while we are lots of individual units, we are also parts of one organisation. The feedback platform should give us data that will point us in the right direction, in a way that is just not possible at the moment,”  - Jess Henry, Head of Leadership, Learning and Development at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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