Company News | Press Release: Questback MySafety Selected to Present at PowerGen 2017 on Establishing a Workforce-centric Approach to Safety and Operations Risk

Published December 05, 2017

Ensuring Safety from Within: MySafety discusses leveraging proactive workforce insight to reduce risk, improve safety and increase business performance

Houston, Texas – December 5, 2017 – Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, today announced MySafety™, its innovative operations risk and safety management solution, was selected to present on workforce-centric methodologies for safety and operations risk at PowerGen International 2017, the world’s largest power generation event. Questback Vice President of Sales, Americas, Justin Flanagan will present, Ensuring Operational Safety from Within, in the “Business Trends & Regulatory Issues” track on Wednesday, December 6th at 9:30 a.m.

As organizations strive towards operational excellence, clearly there is more to be realized when it comes to safety and risk management. “Despite advances in technology, best practices, processes and procedures, we still lose more than $3 trillion annually due to failures and incidents,” states Flanagan. “The missing piece – bringing technology, process and external factors together – is the workforce.” Ensuring Operational Safety from Within delves into that missing piece – the workforce – and how organizations can leverage a workforce-centric strategy to generate tangible improvements and business results.

“A workforce-centric approach bridges the long-standing gap between practice and process,” states Flanagan. Named a 2017 “Smart Innovator” in worker safety technologies by Verdantix, MySafety is among “the most innovative technologies altering the safety management landscape.” An innovative solution in the market, MySafety leverages a worker-centric methodology that delivers a true workforce-centered solution. Through establishing a workforce-centric approach that captures critical, actionable operational insights, MySafety improves safety and reduces operations risk in the thousands of decisions made each day by people across every level of an organization. “It focuses on the individuals doing the work, not just what should be done. And in doing so, it generates and sustains a true culture of safety. One that will remain when the processes, policies, and guidelines fail,” states Frank Møllerop, Questback CEO. “MySafety focuses on ensuring that pertinent insights are delivered to the relevant workers at the right time.”

Advances in technology and the rapid digitization of the world undeniably require organizations to evolve not only their solution architecture but their mindset and traditional practices. Operations risk and safety technologies are among the most crucial for organizations to operate a more successful and sustainable business – financially and competitively. They are fundamental as organizations drive toward a state of continuous improvement and operational excellence to meet today’s challenges and, most importantly, continue to compete.

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MySafety aligns company strategy to execution by leveraging a workforce-centric approach that captures critical operational insights which improve safety and reduce operations risk in the thousands of decisions made each day by people across every level of an organization. As a business of Questback, MySafety is a cloud-based software solution that empowers your workforce to take ownership and control of an organization’s safety and operations risk agenda.

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