Company News | Press Release: Questback Teams up with IBM to Bring the Power of Insights to Marketers and Researchers Everywhere

Published December 03, 2018

New York City, New York – Dec 3, 2018 – Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, intensifies its ecosystem strategy with the announcement today of an IBM integrated feedback solution.

Annual global spend of digital marketing is estimated at around $100 billion proving it a staple in today’s marketing mix. Consumers and businesses increasingly demand richer and more personalized experiences from brands. This new market offering gives brands, marketers and researchers a much-needed capability to gather, at speed and scale, invaluable customer insights.

The Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite (EFS) provides powerful functionality to design and create email-ready surveys for distribution to pre-defined audiences, built utilizing IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) Campaign. Previously the programming and set-up of these types of integrations for gathering research and insights involved complex and time consuming tasks with considerable technical expertise on both sides required. This is no longer the case with the solution bringing a standardized and integrated approach to feedback. And, by allowing the automation of manual processes, marketers and researches can be much more nimble and agile in the way they gather and analyze customer, market or employee insight.

“We’ve witnessed an explosion in digital marketing as brands battle hard to increase engagement and loyalty with an increasingly tech savvy and demanding customer. Their ability to quickly collect and act upon customer insight is paramount in hyper-competitive times. The launch of this innovative initiative with IBM comes at a time when we’re increasing agility and scale through an extended partnerships and eco-systems strategy,” cites Audun Stuland, Questback’s VP of Cloud and Ecosystems.

Frank Møllerop, Global CEO and President of North America said, “As industry disruption becomes the new norm, brands of all sizes need to constantly demonstrate their marketing effectiveness and boost ROI on marketing spend. We’re delighted to bring integrated feedback to market through IBM. It underscores the ongoing and exciting evolution of our ecosystem of cloud and AI-infused customer insight offerings.



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