Company News | Press Release: Questback CEO Frank Møllerop Presents at the CEO Cyber Symposium

Published April 04, 2017 by Questback

Continuous Innovation Requires Continuous Feedback – Questback Discusses Cloud Computing, Data Privacy and the Journey Towards a Server-Less Public Cloud.

New York City, New York – April 4, 2017 – Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, announces CEO Frank Møllerop will present at the Young Jewish Professionals’ CEO Cloud Computing, Digital Payments and Cyber Security Symposium in New York City. The symposium represents a unique offering for today’s top leaders as it brings together CEOs, Presidents and other C-level executives to create a collaborative and innovative environment for executives to engage in productive, in-depth conversations.

With a high-caliber speaker lineup including Slack, MasterCard, SAP, Wyndham Worldwide and Morgan Stanley, Møllerop will discuss cloud computing, data privacy and the journey towards a server-less public cloud. “Data privacy and security are foundational layers in creating and protecting your most important relationships, both customers and employees,” states Møllerop. “At Questback, we follow a strict privacy by default and by design strategy, making data privacy central to all of our operations.” Handling an untold amount of data around the world, Møllerop has an extensive history with privacy, security and, most importantly, protecting the hard-won trust of customers.

Underscoring the symposium, a key tenet to innovation is fostering a dynamic, continuous conversation – continuous feedback. “While most think innovation is synonymous with new products or services, it is truly implementing new ways of doing the same tasks,” states Møllerop. “Transformation is the new constant in business. Innovation embodies and catalyzes the transformation needed, and required, today.” While creativity - imaging new ideas - is a starting point, it is through implementation that new ideas are realized. As such, the symposium not only focuses on ideation, but also operational execution and success in overcoming challenges facing today’s executive leaders.

With a track record for complying with the most stringent privacy standards internationally, Questback enterprise feedback technology continues to be transformative through its innovative solutions. Combining customer experience, employee engagement and business metrics (such as financial performance), Questback delivers a continuous feedback loop, enabling business to spark the dialogue required to truly innovate, and in doing so, improve the methods with which they operate their business. Continuous innovation requires continuous feedback - to gather ideas, evolve ideas into action, and bridge the gap between strategic planning and operational execution.

The Young Jewish Professionals is a non-profit New York City-based organization focused on providing business, educational and social networking opportunities for the new generation of Jewish business leaders. In today's ever-evolving business landscape, a company's success is contingent on high levels of innovation and the establishment of strong relationships and networks. YJP's CEO Cloud Computing, Digital Payments & Cyber Security Symposium will serve as a powerful catalyst to develop new strategies and ideas, solutions to challenges and fuel collaborations so that participants can return to the companies they lead better equipped to ensure success.

Questback is a global leader in enterprise feedback management solutions, allowing businesses to reach out, gather insight, take action, and continuously improve the way they operate. More than 5,000 companies worldwide, including one-third of the Forbes Global 2000 such as DHL, John Lewis, General Mills and Swiss, rely on Questback solutions. As businesses merge historically separate disciplines, bringing together employee and customer insight to enable better business decisions, Questback is uniquely positioned to deliver an actionable view of businesses’ ability to build long-term bonds of loyalty with both employees and customers for sustained performance. People matter. Get their insight.

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