Company News | Press Release: President Carol Lee Andersen to Speak at the 2017 Human Capital Forum on Employee Experience in the Digital Era

Published March 16, 2017 by Questback

Questback Discusses the Implications of CEO Concerns, the Increasing Importance of Soft Data, and the Latest Trends in Technology on Employee Engagement Best Practices.

New York City, New York – March 16, 2017 – Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, announces President Carol Lee Andersen will present at Argyle Executive’s 2017 Human Capital Forum on March 22 in San Francisco. Delivering a Thought Leader Spotlight, Andersen will participate in the invitation-only forum which gathers executives and thought leaders from the largest enterprises in the United States. Among an impressive speaker lineup which includes PayPal, HP, Cisco Systems, and Whole Foods, Andersen will discuss how CEO concerns, the increasing importance of soft data, and trends in technology are transforming employee engagement from annual employee surveys into integrated measures of critical business operations.

Employee engagement is one of the more misused soft data concepts in business. Nevertheless, business leaders believe in the importance of engagement, and the link between engagement and financial performance has been proven again and again. With the session title, “Secure the Survival of HR: Transforming People Processes into Strategic Human Capital Management,” Andersen posits that hard data isn’t enough to create a complete view of what is really going on in an organization. “Although bombarded with hard data, CEOs are concerned with the data on which they base their decisions. Soft data – human intelligence, or simply, views collected directly from people – can help solve this challenge as it gives hard data meaning, context, and business foresight, ultimately enabling CEOs to make more accurate predictions about the future,” states Andersen.

A key tenet in Questback’s leading enterprise feedback technology, soft data must be captured and subsequently contextualized beyond traditional organizational silos. The real value of employee engagement comes from continuously connecting it to key outcomes such as customer experience and financial performance. Breaking these antiquated silos, employee engagement can serve as an integrated measure of how businesses operate. As Andersen notes, “In a digital world inundated with data, it is essential to cut through the noise to the core of reality. The transformation of employee engagement offers human resource leaders a refreshingly new opportunity to secure the delivery of critical outcomes in close collaboration with business leaders.”

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