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Our story

How we became a world leader in feedback management

The quest to get ahead is filled with vision, discovery, challenges, collaboration, hard work and sometimes a lot of fun.

A Financial Times article sparks the Questback idea: a feedback platform to bring better insight to business.


Questback is founded in Oslo.

JAN, 2000

Questback web-based surveys make paper questionnaires history


Taking success abroad: Questback office opens in Sweden


European leap: Questback moves into 11 new countries The launch of online panels deepens engagement capabilities for market research


Questback wins “Entrepreneur of the year” in Norway


Questback acquires Refleks and Easy Research in Norway and Sweden respectively. Reiten & Co is now majority owner.


Communities introduced, blending quantitative and qualitative research


The launch of online panels deepens engagement capabilities for market research


Questback acquires Digium Oy, the Finnish market leader


Germany’s leading research software firm Globalpark acquired. . Questback now serving over 50 countries.


The numbers of Questback surveys sent now exceeds 1 billion


Mobile first: Responsive layouts increase survey complete rates Service layer for enterprise integration introduced.


Realtime Analytics & Dashboards launched. Questback unveils Leadership compass bringing next generation feedback tools to the HR industry


Questback continues asking what’s next while pushing boundaries in the feedback industry

2015 +

Completion of $22M of additional funding for growing Questback further


Meet the leadership team

Questback’s senior management consists of 6 savvy leaders, all accomplished and dedicated business executives, from Norway, Finland, Germany and the US.


Frank Møllerop


​Matti Heikkonen
SEVP Global Operations


Oliver Trabert
Chief Technology Officer


Carol Lee Andersen
President North America

management-Nils Stagnes

Nils Stangnes
SEVP Global Execution


​Ivar Blekastad
Chief Financial Officer



Our values

Our working values are about driving excellence and extending the possible with every solution.



What we believe


Feedback management changes the way businesses operate and interact in the world. Most companies still struggle to systematically implement feedback to improve business decision making and create real competitive edge.


Feedback facilitates on-going open-ended improvement. You don’t have to do what you’ve always done. You don’t have to replicate what is. Innovation is about envisioning what might be, and putting it into practice.


Feedback is not about creating reports, or about storing data or simply sending out surveys. It’s about implementing learning and insights to tangibly improve your business outcomes. (Oh, and by the way, it's far too important to leave to monkeys!).


Insight can come from anywhere, innovation often starts at the fringe, and the best decision making isn't always at the top.


The more you value your customers and employees the more value you will get.


Predictability is death. Companies, like all living organisms, have a pulse and when it starts to become predictable it's a sign of demise. On the other hand, companies that manage feedback can not only stay competitive in rapidly changing environments, but make evolutionary leaps forward.


While data is valuable, insight is priceless. The more authentic and direct the voice, whether delivering negative or positive feedback, the more valuable the insight. This applies to customers, employees, markets and all business relationships.


Social media, real-time analytics, and mobile devices are changing feedback forever. Questback is not only innovating a new generation of tools to realize new possibilities, we are re-imagining feedback: from a tactical and reactive process to an on-going source of predictive insight that can be fed-forward, creating long term competitive advantage.


Start everyday. Ask. Analyze. Act.


Competitive advantage can’t be left to chance. Responding to feedback has to be an organization-wide initiative. That's what we exist for. That's what all our tools and solutions are for. To help you...Get Ahead!

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