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Ultimately the quest to get ahead is filled with focus, discovery, difficulty, collaboration, beauty, hard work and sometimes a lot of fun.

A world where companies are social, innovation happens at the rate of change and the barriers to communication are none.

Questback began with a big idea: to make customer and employee surveys work online. We quickly became one of the earliest movers in the digital feedback industry and in the fourteen years since we’ve developed game-changing solutions, partnered with some amazing companies, and helped pioneer the social,analytics and multi-device feedback solutions that are changing the way customers and brand relate to and know each other.

Founded in January 2000, Questback was already supporting 1000 customers by 2006 and was operating across 12 countries by 2007. Lots of companies use, Quest like a verb, as in let's google it. Meanwhile With a focus on supporting the increasingly sophisticated users of market research tools across all industries, we grew to the be one of the largest, technology based, feedback management player on the market. Our role in the market is to live our vision of open, socially driven in decision making and continue to help all types of company - from iconic global enterprises to disruptive start-ups to get feedback and get ahead.

What the analysts are saying.

Questback has been widely recognized by leading industry analysts in its social CRM and community capabilities.

Gartner is impressed with us:

“Critical mass of customers and revenue streams positions Globalpark, a Questback company, as the leading European EFM vendor and a top five vendor globally with a strong social CRM vision and commitment to delivering a solution suitable for deployment across sales, marketing and customer service. Ahead of many European-based counterparts not appearing on the Social CRM Magic Quadrant, giving the company an edge in its current market.”

While Hypatia states the following:

“Notable (…) is the ability for organizations to bring customers out of Twitter postings into structured feedback patterns via survey links in order to qualify, identify, or route issues requiring resolution or response. It is this rules-based business process workflow functionality that empowers organizations to utilize their social channels for decision support and (…) transforms social analytics into actionable insights via an enterprise-level social engagement platform approach”.

And there's this, from Forrester:

“In our evaluation of market-insights-focused EFM vendors, IBM SPSS, Questback and Confirmit led the pack. Questback excels in the multitude of ways the platform can collect feedback and with its true data and meta integration capabilities (…) for CRM and social media data. Questback truly shines with its strategy and vision for the future (…) where companies engage in a conversation with their customers and employees to effectively grow their business”.

Questback is getting ahead

  • 50 countries served 
  • 40+ languages in use
  • 1/3 of the Forbes 100 on our client list
  • 18 million members of online communities
  • 95% approx. renewal rate
  • 1 billion total completed surveys

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questbacks actionable analytics


Sync surveys to social media, collect and structure unsolicited data, nurture leads and fans, and feed the right content to the right customer.

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questback business data integration


Questback automated analytics empower you to understand what your data is telling you, better predict behaviors, stay ahead of the market & implement ROI-transforming follow-up.

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questback surveys actionable insights


Questback datahub and panels facilitate unparalleled connection and follow up with the people who matter the most to your business: your customers and employees.

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questback business data integration


Exchange data seamlessly between your existing CRM, ERP and social media to get a complete 360 view of your customers and employees.

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