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Fast, simple, employee evaluation surveys. 

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Hire, train & support the best people

Questback employee solutions help you to attract the right people, match them to the right role, and give them the support they need to do their best work. Optimize your recruiting process, train people more effectively, and provide benefits programs your teams will love. Employee surveys and feedback solutions can help you

  • Find the right candidates and improve you hiring process
  • Train and on-board new employees
  • Conduct 360 employee evaluation and performance reviews
  • Collect feedback from team events and meetings
  • Improve employee benefits programs
  • Get employee insight on company strategies
  • Identify disgruntled employee issues and take corrective action early.

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Catalyze employee engagement.

A company-wide automated system of authentic, real-time feedback empowers your teams, creates a work-positive culture and off-sets many of the negative and costly trends that make companies non-competitive. You save on on-boarding or replacement costs, reduce employee churn and find more perfect matches individuals to specific roles and tasks. You get early insight into ROI-impacting issues like why sales are struggling to close or product development is lagging or how frontline service team are effecting on customer experience

  • Survey team members regularly and customize workplace around employee needs.
  • Reward and recognize the milestones and projects that are making a difference.
  • Give feedback and guidance when projects are happening and not six months later.

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Smarter employee evaluation surveys.

Questback’s employee evaluation surveys helps companies increase productivity an average of 22 – 41% and empower you to:

  • Survey your employees frequently and easily for more meaningful evaluations.
  • Monitor results with Questback real-time dashboards and visualization analytics.
  • Enhance job performance and support employee training and professional development needs.
  • Sustain meaningful conversations that help employees stay focused on the goals that really matter.

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Super-charge your HR capability.

Questback solutions give you instant insight into new and legacy employee needs and behaviors, making it easier for HR departments to know they are fitting the best skill sets and personality types to the right role, saving you thousands of dollars in extra training and turnover costs. And because our reporting and analyses tools are fully automated - intuitive enough for beginners, yet advanced enough for power-users - busy HR managers not only get more results they do so in half the time.

  • Spend less time resolving employee grievances and more time optimizing working experience.
  • Intervene at the right moment and pre-empt disengagement issues.
  • Enhance accountability pushing filtered feedback to relevant departments.
  • Implement employee feedback regularly to create a happier and more productive work environment.

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Get a 360 view of employee performance

Questback’s 360° feedback solution takes a holistic, qualitative evaluation approach. Our performance review solutions are automated and on-going – allowing employees to respond on any device, channel or time of their choice, saving over-burdened managers from hours of administrative time. While our automated evaluations can be as short or as frequent as needed, giving you a monthly pulse, an on-going overview of the big picture is generated.  

How Questback employee insight solutions help you get ahead:

  • Use quantitative employee performance metrics to support on-going performance improvements. 
  • Appraise existing leadership, and detect gaps to improve business impact.
  • Measure development of leadership capabilities over time – from individual, team and organizational perspectives.
  • Spot and intervene in employee issues early to increase productivity and avoid turn over costs.

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employee feedback ernst and young case-study


Ernst & Young: Knowing employees

Using Questback Ernst & Young gets valuable feedback on employment processes and regular monitoring of employee opinion - all year round.

Ernst & Young
events feedback microsoft case study


Microsoft: Evaluating events

Using Questback Microsoft collected and implemented participant feedback gaining more valuable insight from company events.

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Custom support according to your HR needs.

As experts in evaluation we’re skilled in helping companies get the most from employee evaluation. If you are looking for an end-to-end enterprise solution with full managed services, contact us today, to discuss your project.

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Less Stress for HR managers.

Questback is designed for busy managers who simply need great insights fast without fiddling with reports or analyzing complicated data. Using smart reporting and action alerts not only reduces the time managers spend preparing and sharing data, but it defeats information silos as ultra-intuitive visualization reports are easily pushed to relevant departments and employees across the company.  It’s an effective approach: your company makes better decisions, achieves more strategic goals, and your disengagement levels are lower than ever.

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Entry Surveys: Hire the right people.

Our employee solutions are designed to mitigate the costs of replacing the wrong employee, by making hiring - and sometimes firing - a process that involves facts and never guess work, right from the start. We make it easy and systematic for you to survey candidates at interview stage, and be sure you’re engaging the right leadership capabilities. Know that new employees are assigned to the right roles. Manage the on-boarding process through real-time feedback ensuring greater engagement and productivity over time. Reduces recruitment times at the outset, and save unanticipated training costs all down the line.

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Better decision making – by everyone.

In most companies, not only are employees disenfranchised from most policy decisions, they lack even the power to communicate their insights to managers with more institutional authority than hands-on know-how. But listening to employees gives companies the opportunity to combine everyone’s intelligence in ways that cause innovation and competitive edge: aligning front-line employee feedback with executive strategies, engaging wider employee insight to solve problems and improve products and services and re-examining top management beliefs and assumptions.

Use Questback reporting+ to correlate decision making directly to an employee’s value add, and map individual employee or department based feedback to key business outcomes. Let the new accountability and enhanced data flow focus everyone on the work of getting ahead.

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questback business data integration


Questback automated analytics empower you to understand what your data is telling you, better predict behaviors, stay ahead of the market & implement ROI-transforming follow-up.

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questback surveys actionable insights


Questback datahub and panels facilitate unparalleled connection and follow up with the people who matter the most to your business: your customers and employees.

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questback business data integration


Exchange data seamlessly between your existing CRM, ERP and social media to get a complete 360 view of your customers and employees.

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